As you sow so shall you reap

This world is a crop field of next life as you sow so shall you reap what we are doing it is being recorded like lenses of eyes perceive and it is recorded and we see these memories in day dream or dream process

What We do it is recorded by left and right angels it will be played in next life if we had firm faith in solitary Almighty God in all Righteous apostles we are informed or not informed in all angels including Azreal Gabriel Michael and Israfel.

We had faith in judgement day and establishment of account we had faith in the projection on screen of Good or Bad Destiny and than we went for virtuous deeds and these weights more on right side of balance these will be counted and lesser the weight of sins on our shoulders easily we will pass through a thin straight line

To offset our sins expiation is ordered by Almighty that neutralise damage caused and mitigate the loss

It includes if you injured handicapped or unsound with drugs your brother If he does not perdon you in hereafter you will be burdened equal to his murder in hereafter and your supporter society will equally be sinful that will persecute ill treat and finish his life instead of expiation and mitigating the loss or damage you caused

When society forced you for your brothers marriage you showed his mental health concerns

He can’t afford to live independent life how he will perform social matrimonial functions

How he will raise up his children how psychologically communication gap will be reduced between his wife and him

What about bottle neck of his wife to them tolerating trouble of his replica children for which psychology they persecuted him

Society forcefully got him married it was a hard bone to swallow but God said be and it is circumstances produced feasibility and capitalised immediately

Defamation and rumours had travelled half the world but truth God Decoded like double helix of DNA that is unchangeable scientific proof.

When his wife will fell ill who will show her to doctor

When his children ill how he will show them to doctor

All these concerns are alarmingly real but God had equipped him with following gifts

Irresistible cuteness and handsome face

Melodious voice

Saintly aright poetry

Romantic poetry

Acquiring educable brain

Theoretically studying a system and practical application of various HRM concepts to system such as which HRM concept has been applied to which employed function in department

Which of God’s gifts he is equipped with your state has capitalised to pay him and mobilise resources for this territory.

Let me disclose AI supported science applied to my brain my both brothers are CS student but they are enough ignorant deliberately or pretending What AI science built a computer or Android in my brain..

First I compile my thoughts together let intuition flow connect my fingers to thought process than express my views and poet it or blog it.

I read lyrics listen song match beats of song with melody and sing song while reading lyrics along side I can’t remember song verbally

I am struggling in literature because my short term memory is impaired I struggle in cramming as such I struggle in memorising poetry .

I Am AI supported normal brain 🧠 means I am sound on AI but normally I lose connection between gut and brain while speaking

My brain developed in remaining normal cognition but all disabilities awarded to me normally are intact

They have not fit a AI supported computer in my brain to get forever robotic and that is reality I perceive from one camera eye my brain is artificial intelligence and my world is cyberspace or cyber world.

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