ARRGH! The present administration just took a couple more steps towards that road less taken!

America, let’s turn this vehicle around and get back on the road to greatness! We need more loyal Americans working there and we need more free press not less.

Yes, we were great for about 299 years and we are now veering off onto a different path.

In 1787 we established a democratic republic. Our constitution established a three pillared government – the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches – and laws pretty well guaranteed that one branch should not infringe upon the other branches.  Well, it appears one branch is spreading out to control the others.

There have been no significant gains towards greatness in this administrations action, but many backward steps.  They have alienated many of our allies, their EPA actions are worsening our environment, loyal Americans can’t work for them and they now are taking legal actions to suppress the free press.  If we lose the free press, we may as well give up.

On that note I urge each of you to get the facts and then vote accordingly.  Don’t rely on social media for your news. Myself, I fact check any news through or Snopes, etc. and always check with many news sources, except Fox, for verification of any news put out.  And remember one’s opinion is not necessarily news.

I guess I’m just advising you to get facts, not hearsay and VOTE accordingly, But by all means VOTE.

 See: Steven “How Democracies Die.” , by Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt

Have a nice day!

1 thought on “ARRGH! The present administration just took a couple more steps towards that road less taken!”

  1. @anoldowl
    I am an independent/Green Party person (I’m kinda radical like that) I know in my lifetime I will not see a Green Party candidate actually be a front runner….but I always walk my talk and vote Green.
    Earth First….rah rah rah 🙂
    But this year…..I felt I needed to cross over to try and help where I felt I could. It felt odd signing a paper to cast a cross over ballot. Was I being THAT disloyal? Probably not…cause I am sure the Independent/Green Party nominees won’t be missing me too much this time around. I’ll climb back on that boat soon enough.

    How it will turn out I do not know. But my ear will be glued to the radio as the #’s roll in.

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