Are we really as safe as the ReOpen people think we are??? No is the answer

There has been for some time, a resistance to the social distancing and mask wearing guidelines that has been put out by the CDC and just about every health care agency for the purpose of prevention of the continued spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some even go as far as to claim that it is a hoax.

I have never understood how these conspiracy theories get started. However, I tend to think that we are safer trusting the people who spend their lives in health care and pandemic and epidemic prevention and care than we are a untrained person who read on facebook or somewhere that the whole thing was made up. Who are these so-called experts claiming this? More often than not, I believe you will find that they are people with a political or ideological slant that insists that some agency or person can not be trusted because…..or whatever.

Well, naturally people believe what they believe and are entitled to that opinion. However, I refuse to have my life put in danger by listening to uninformed people with some sort of agenda tell me what I should or should not do when my life might just be what I am gambling with. If that means staying away from large crowds, that is more than ok with me. For me, that includes the grocery, which I replaced with home delivery.

Looks look at the figures coming out today. Now this information is from yesterday at the end of the reporting day…usually about 4pm or so.

First the national figures for the last 24 hours before the report:

Total Cases: 1,571,617

New Cases: 20522

Deaths: 94,150

New Deaths: 1089

Looking at the above figures, it is easy to tell. In the 24 hours involved in this reporting, there have been 20,522 new cases with 1089 new deaths. That is just in a 24 hour period. Doesn’t look to me like the contagion nor the deaths have stopped even though it is at least supposedly moving into the warmer months. I think this IS a bit of improvement from earlier as it was first ramping up, but it isn’t over and people are still dying.

Now, let’s look at Louisiana, since that is the state I live in. In fact, I am proud to say that I live in New Orleans, which I maintain is the best city in the state, but then I am definitely biased.

Louisiana did a major lockdown. All across the state, every large gathering was shut down. Schools were closed for the year starting in March of this year and continuing to now..or June whenever school would normally let out for the Summer. The New Orleans area started out as third in number of infections and deaths for a while. This was most especially true when population size was taken into account.

Our New Orleans mayor allowed Mardi Gras to happen this year, and that is likely one reason the numbers were so high at the beginning. But then the federal government was still saying at that time that there were 15 cases which would likely disappear like magic (or was it one and over at that point in late February). Well, they didn’t and it got worse instead. Once the trend started, the mayor quickly cancelled all community wide actually. That means the Easter Parade, the St Patrick’s Day Parade. Today, she and the governor closed all theaters and sports outlets and bars. Bars are a HUGE part of New Orleans social life. The French Quarter gets most of its allure from the many bars that are available, but that holds for other parts of the city as well. We are “going to the bar and drinking” city. It is what tourists come here for.

Of course, that was taken care because tourism was basically shut down and many hotels were closed. A lot of closure, but it helped get the infection rate and death rate down.

Here are Louisiana’s figures as of the same general as the national numbers above.

total infections: 36,925

new infections: 421

total deaths: 2545

new deaths: 39

Believe me that is a huge improvement over earlier numbers.

Once again, this was accomplished, not by the temperature getting higher, because our temperatures here are changeable from day to day or even a shorter time period. I have seen the temperature drop or rise 18 or 20 degrees in an hours time if a rain comes though. The social distancing and the stay at home orders are directly responsible for the downturn in infections and deaths.

I am a person at risk. First I am 66 years old, making me a senior. Don’t imagine, however, that anybody is exempt from this pandemic. Children and young adults seem to be experience the effects with some having the signs of something very similar to Toxic Shock. Second, I have high blood pressure although it is controlled with medication and thirdly, I am a diabetic, also controlled with medication. In addition, I have had skin cancer. It was “the bad kind” but it was skin cancer. So, whatever other people do, I will stay home, not spend a lot of time in direct sunlight (skin cancer remember) and stay away from crowds. I get sun coming in the windows, believe me. Unfortunately, some people refuse to cooperate and wear mask and therefor could easily endanger my very life. Asked what I have to lose…my life!!!

With the national levels continuing to climb, even though a bit slower than at first, and our state almost stopped, things should be obvious. I am still going to be careful. I suspect if I know somebody is coming in from Texas or Arizona where they were more resistant to shutting down for the health of the population, I will avoid those persons…and since I don’t know who they might be necessarily, I am likely to just try to distance from everybody, even if and when the infection and death here in New Orleans went to zero, if it wasn’t that everywhere.

I also think that, as the medical experts are saying (you know people like the CDC and Fauci), that next year, this crap is probably going to come back. In fact I read just a few days ago that there was a third strain in another part of China. That would bring it to three strains, one directly from China, one from Europe and then another from China which apparently hasn’t made it here yet as far as we know.

As the webmd article explains, conora virus are a profligic group…and there are several in existance so there may be even more coming at some point in the near or far future. Hopefully, immunity can be achieved by either a vaccine or getting it once. But even that is not certain.

So, no matter what rumors, conspiracy theories or just people who “believe” it isn’t as bad as others think, it is your life at stake. Be careful out there. The life you save may be your own.

13 thoughts on “Are we really as safe as the ReOpen people think we are??? No is the answer”

      1. The number of cases is irrelevant.
        It is all about controlling the spread and the number of deaths.
        Either case, the overwhelming majority of deaths have been from older people with pre-existing conditions. Those are the only people that need to be protected right now.
        Look at what Florida did in comparison to New York.
        New York deliberately killed tens of thousands of older people in the nursing homes and hospitals while Florida protected them.
        But then again, you don’t seem to want to hear the real truth about this dem panic operation! 🙄

        1. Sorry, anytime more than a thousand people die of something in one day, while 20,000 more catch the disease, I am going to be concerned no matter who the victims are….even if they are old, or minorities members, or persons with pre-existing illness. That is especially true when nobody can actually say conclusively that getting it once prevents a second episode. And everybody that rushes out and is in a crowd, is either at risk of getting it themselves or tracking back to their friends, neighbors or relatives.

          So, my choice is to continue social distancing until such a time as there is either a vaccine or the thing goes away. You and i likely trust different news sources, and we will continue to do so. I will trust CDC, WHO and the medical profession and the numbers they put out.

          You are free to believe whoever or whatever you want to.

          1. I don’t see anyone asking you to rush out!
            However, millions of US American Patriots want to go back to work.
            You can stay at home for another year or so!
            Trump is re-opening the country and that’s the end of it.
            America is back in business.
            +1 [Neo]

  1. The facts are that trump didn’t handle this thing right to begin. First, he claimed it was only 1 person coming in from China, then that it was 15 which would soon disappear, and now look at the 94,000 plus people who have died and still dying at the rate of about a thousand a day, give or take several hundred. Any comparison to the flu has long been surpassed and made null and void. At the absolute most, and the CDC gives a different number for the year involved, by the way, and I trust the CDC more than I ever will trump or any other politician with an ax to grind, the MOST for the flu quotes is 80,000 in a season, which is 6 months. (the amended figure is 61,000)

    We are not, in fact, ready to open up safely. trump is trying to preserve his legacy and his reputation of having a good economy even though much of that upward swing started during Obama’s term, just as the decline started in Bush’s term. I don’t want myself or anybody I know to die for trump’s political interests, nor particularly for an economy that continues to be slanted toward advantage for them that has….you know the saying “them who has gets more, and them that has not, is out of luck”, right?!!

    The bail out (stimulus) should have been for regular people and SMALL businesses, yet every day, I hear about another huge business that is getting literally millions of dollars. Every time, “big business” gets bailed, and it goes all way back to the bailout of 2008, negotiated by Bush, the corporates end up either buying back stock to consolidate more money in the hands of the few, while letting the ones who actually allow the business to function to flay in the wind with little to no help. So, I have very little concern about Wall Street and the top earners if I am going to have to count pennies and watch folks around me that happen to be in the service industry have to work two jobs, or sometimes three, just to put on the table. THAT economy, I am certainly not willing to die or let anybody else die for, regardless of what politicians have to say…esp trump who has shown who and what he cares about.

    1. Very likely….I will be complaining, if he manages to take the white house again with fewer than half the voters voting for him. But then that is my right, after all, it is a free country, right?? At least till somebody decides they are the dictator and make us all dance to the music THEY play. But then maybe, just maybe, the American people would actually come together to prevent that.

      1. Yes, Trump is going to be re-elected again and the GOP is also going to re-take the House.
        The only dictators that I see are the Tyrannical Governors of these rouge demonrat States like IL, MI, NY, CA, VI, WA who are trying to keep US locked up…

    2. Well, Trump did much better than Cuomo [NY].
      Either case, Trump will be re-elected and you will be complaining for another 4 years.

  2. I live in San Diego and our numbers have been amazing. I don’t mean to demean people suffering through the sickness or dealing with a death from Covid. But I am just referring to our numbers. We are able to be a Guinea Pig city and jump to phase 2 and are looking at phase 3 by June. I am happy about this but know….we all need to look out for each other. We all would love to get back to what our lives were before the virus hit. And if we really want that….we need to follow the simple guidelines. Wear our mask….keep a safe social distance….respect everyones right to NOT want to get the virus and we can get back to “normal” with slight changes. We had one restaurant/bar open by the beach and the first night they had a crowd….many with no mask and no distance between all the people inside. Someone took a video and posted it online and the city closed the business down the next day. But all the other restaurant/bars in the neighborhood are open with long lines of people keeping a distance from each other all wearing mask and all having such a good time down in our beautiful beach city. Follow the simple rules and everyone will be able to open. Don’t ruin it for other businesses by relaxing the rules which may cause our numbers to go up. Meaning we would be taking steps backwards and inviting another lockdown.

    As for how Trump handled the situation… this point we can not go back and change it. So we deal with what’s in front of us and make improvements. Yes it can be upsetting knowing things could have been different. But I am one who won’t dwell over something I can’t change. I may in a moment of frustration VENT. But once I vent….I keep moving forward.

    I think it comes down to this……how much do we value ourselves? How much do we value our elders? How much do we value our children….Grandchildren? Our friends? I VALUE EVERY LIFE so I will do my part and wear my mask. Maybe I value some people more than they value themselves….but we all just need to do our part until a vaccine is found and we can all feel somewhat safe. But I think….even when the vaccine is found….things will always be different. For me at least….because I most likely won’t get the vaccine. So being over cautions …using a gallon of hand sanitizer when ever I go out will be my normal.

    ALSO…this strain of the virus is so new that it will be sometime before we learn all there is to learn about it. Everyone should know this and not expect The WHO or CDC to have instant answers. We are grown adults …some with actual brains….so just do what we can to keep safe and NOT wait for instructions on how to wash hands or or how to put a mask on. Ha! I make myself laugh sometimes. Ok…I make myself laugh A LOT.

    Did I go in a circle up there somewhere?

    1. Monica, I don’t think you went in circles but said a lot. In my neck of the woods, most people have done pretty well, but there have been reports of a few places, one or two in my state but a lot from reports about out your way, or Florida where people disregarded safety suggestions and just crowded together at beaches etc.

      As you can probably tell by now, I am a strong never trumper and believe that he is part of the problem, not the solution as he himself claims to be. I am always going to remember that fact, which I think is what it is. But you are right, there isn’t much we can do about that right this moment.

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