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Archy’s Revenge

Archy the mouse had a wonderful life, full of fun and adventure. He was born on the magnificent mining ship the Nostromo down in the cargo hold. Everything was fine until that rat-faced cat Jonesy showed up and began tormenting him. In every given opportunity Jonesy would try and hunt him down for fun. But Archy was cunning and proved too much for Rat-face and constantly evaded his attempts to have him as the main course for dinner. Then one day, totally out of the blue, Sausage-head turned up and Archy viewed it as golden opportunity to rid himself of Rat-face. His plan was all set and in place, but then Ripley decided that she didn’t like the Nostromo anymore and decided to blow it up. Archy took this as a personal affront: what happened to the rights of Mice? He plotted his revenge and would seek out Sausage-head and direct him in the right direction.

That’ll show ’em.

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