Anxious people make me anxious…

I live with 3 anxious people. My husband is super duper, anal anxious. My daughter would be next because she exhibits more of her anxiety on a daily basis. She is far more vocal than my husband, though when he is vocal you might want to run for cover.

Then there is my son, who is anxious, but quiet about it. I never know when what I say will freak someone out. It is almost like living on the edge of a volcano waiting for it to erupt. Sometimes I feel that it is a bit too much for me. I would love peace, and for everybody to just chill out. The problem is they can’t. They don’t know how. Bleh!

I’m always apologizing to someone because I have upset them for something I said or did. Even small things that seem immaterial to me, can really blow up their day. I have absolutely become a quieter person, keeping a lot of my opinions to myself. It really sucks, because that leaves me with no direction to turn in. It leaves me apologizing on the constant, and it leaves me angry.

I really, really just want to run away to some far off place where nobody knows my name.

Oh, wait.

I’m broke.

That won’t work. Damn!

Pray for me, and for them.

peace ;/ shemelts

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