My anxiety just kicked off today. I know it’s one of those things where nothing ignited it. I just woke up and it’s been here all day. Things are running through my mind a million miles a minute. I hate this a lot. I know there’s nothing to panic about but my internal alert system is going off.

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  1. Hi I feel what you write. I hope this comment finds you having a calmer day.
    I suffered anxiety and managed to overcome the panic and fear by remembering to deep breathe. It seemed too simple to work so I didn’t try for a long time. And then I did, and it was my go to remedy for the excessive thoughts, fear, panic and heart palpation.
    Anxiety sneaks up on me still and deep breathes still help.
    I hope you give it a go ~ just a few deep breaths. Many blessings. 💜

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