Anti Trump

If you are a supporter of trump, please do not read this. I am sure you will object to what I write and want to comment even go so far as to argue. I will delete all comments from trump supporters simply because all this is my point of view and opinion and I am tired of shit from people.

Folks like me write so much about trump and his BAD. I will try try to condense my dislike if not hate of him and may of his followers here. trump to me is a pathological liar. Sociopath. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Cheated on 3 wives and professes to be a religious moral ethical man. He got 5 draft deferments and talks shit about the military live and dead. Has more people convicted and accused of crimes in his administration than any US president in history. Promised many things and only came through on moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He has had his people cutting regulations that harm public lands and the environment. Does not believe in global warming. Often acts in criminal ways and has blatantly broken laws believing he is above all laws as president. He is a misogynist. Racist. Denies all that but it is obvious. Yet his supporters are in denial of it all and reject it. He cares about the rich and damns the poor and middle class. He promised not to touch Social Security and Medicare and from the looks of it he WILL destroy them by ending the Pay Roll Tax. He supports the right wing and their violence. He talks extremely irrationally and stupidly. I am baffled by how anyone could support him. He is in the view of many, a wannabe dictator. His heroes are dictators. He has great affection for Vladimir Putin. The only good thing about THAT is that there seems an unlikelihood that trump would launch a nuclear war and hurt his dictator friend. He is a FAILED businessman in many ways. Emotionally and temperamentally unsound. HE IS A BULLY. A large PUNK that talks big but probably never got into a REAL fight in his life. Nor has he WORKED a REAL job. He TALKED about saving the coal industry to get votes and let all those supporters down. He TALKS big and that is IT. He has accomplished little if anything and the anything has been tearing down parts of the USA and what is good for the American people. He is a sociopath in how he totally lacks the normal emotions of most humans. He runs on fear, hate and anger. Totally lacking in compassion and empathy. He has done nothing to little to combat the virus now killing thousands in the USA. He is anti-science and believes he knows all and more than the professionals and military!

All THAT and I have no idea WHY anyone would support or LIKE such a monster. Why would anyone support someone that wants to end the lives of so many by ending their only source of income in their elder years? Social Security. I had counted on THAT as my retirement but if trump is reelected, I will die. I cannot afford to work myself to death nor would any want to have me as a worker when OLD. So many millions rely on social security. trump has been a wrecking ball that makes and breaks promises constantly. He just wants to tear shit down. His supporters often call any accusations about him “fake news” but have nothing truly GOOD to say or note that he did that was good. Beneficial to humanity or the world. NOTHING. His cancellation of the pay roll tax sounds nice but people will pay more taxes next year because of it. It will also kill Social Security. If trump wins a second term he has nothing to lose. He will just blunder on and be a wrecking ball and make himself and other rich people more rich and make the USA a fascist state. Another 3rd world country. There will continue to be a degradation in quality of life for your average Americans. He promised a new health care plan but that was just another broken promise. Yet people still support him for all he wrecking ball ways. There is something very mentally sick about such people that support someone that is bad for them. Bad for Americans and bad for the world.

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  1. He is only around for his own glory….he has done nothing for the rest of us, and has planted hatred…or where he hasn’t planted it, he has given encouragement. I agree with you, there is no point in what passes as discussion with the right…you know that they will destroy everything beautiful about this nation if allowed to.

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