Anti-Natalism Chronicles

I started this blog up once again to delve into my philosophical views regarding antinatalism since that has been the one constant belief I’ve held onto for so many years now. For those who are unfamiliar, antinatalism is a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth. Whereas most people jump for joy at the news someone gives that they are having a baby, I am perplexed and asking them “Why?” Why would you subject something that doesn’t exist to existence?

I don’t remember feeling any pain or suffering of any kind before I was born. I don’t remember anything before I was born. It was only after coming into this world that I started feeling these things: loneliness, despair, depression, pain. If I didn’t exist then I wouldn’t have to feel any of these. I suppose a case can be made for the pleasures in life, but do they outweigh the pain? I guess it depends on the individual and their circumstances.

I haven’t heard a single, rational argument as to why people should be brought into the world. It all boils down to two things: selfishness or a mistake – a person’s selfish need to bring a life into the world that never asked to be brought into the world, or the person just didn’t know how birth control worked and believes that abortion is somehow more cruel than subjecting a human to a life of torment and disarray.

We’re thrown into the world without having a say in the matter because we can’t speak. We can’t say “no.” Someone has already made the decision for us. Some of us grow up resenting that fact, but suicide is not an option because as much as we believe not having children prevents them from hurting, we don’t want to hurt those who gave us life. Parents go to great lengths to protect their children from pain and suffering, not realizing that the only way they could have possibly avoided all that pain and suffering that’s inevitable was to not give birth to their children from the start.

There is also the issue of consent. No one consents to being born. We have to give consent for surgery, for sex, for virtually everything. It seems immoral to toss someone into the world, confusing and corrupt as it is without their consent. Can babies give their consent? Absolutely not, but it seems to me that when something is crying when it first comes into the world, it’s not especially happy to be here. It’s all downhill from there, kiddo.


3 thoughts on “Anti-Natalism Chronicles”

  1. I found this very interesting. I think there is a good sound basis for your position and there are times when I would have to agree with you. I do find joy and happiness from time to time, but there is a lot of time that life is just boring, lonely or even frightening.

    1. I think even now more than ever life is boring and lonely considering all that’s going on in the world. I don’t see how or why people would want to bring a child into this world with all that’s going on. It’s too dangerous and risky. The cons outweigh the pros by a long shot as far as I’m concerned.

      1. I do enjoy life for the most part. I get bored at times and lonely, but seriously right now, even with Covid-19, I am fairly comfortable. I get up when I want to, go to bed when I want etc. Being retired.

        But I support, for an example the right of a woman to abort. Why? Because to a fairly average degree, I know what it is to be born unwanted. I was not wanted, put up for adoption. The people who adopted me were complex people, with my adoptive mother being mentally ill. Let’s just say I had issues.

        So, I look around and see people who had it even worse. I knew my adoptive mother loved me, never any doubt of that. She was weak and needy, and that put a lot of pressure on me, but I wasn’t extremely abused but many children are…and then we wonder why they grow up with bad attitudes and even being violent.

        Most of the people who are dogmatic about “right to life” don’t really care, in my opinion, about the life that they want to require come into the world. Just that the fetus, and like you I don’t remember any pain from when I was just a fetus, be carried to term and then forget about it. ***smh*** Aborting the fetus would be more merciful in many cases.

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