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Anti Bullying Act and Barack Obama Junior

Well If world is looking for the X or Soldier A required in the period of George W Bush Undoubtedly I am appearing on social media

The one who faced so much social bullying school bullying physical bullying and work place bullying that it resulted in dooms coercion leading to immature mind sins but as it resulted from social bullying and well plotted field plan set coercion with malicious confirmation that his here after is totally destroyed than Jews claim Apostles were innocent than why they are found in sins after biblical evidences and DNA confirmation……The reply is in coercion and bullying committed sins are innocence as per values of Lord of dominions of Universe and actions are gripped on intentions

So I was bullied to that extent that It crossed patience limit of Lord and his third eye started tormenting to people part of mistaken perception

So as I invoked sacred ex president of USA that not only killed an Anaconda named Laden but ensured his shrine is not built that Faisalabadi women said is better than Last Prophet PBUD shrine and remarked this madman as You bloody sister fucker and Lord’s Third EyeTormented her into an Anaconda

But actually a common perception that azrial angel warned my mother they will get mistaken

Exactly this perception resulted in creature mutation of practitioners of this world..I had not only impressed the world with such odd writing I brought the world to light and the perception they built I am mentally sick and mental health is not ok I was perceiving from divinely light And your entire perception regarding me is mistaken and opened third eye of Lord on victims

If I killed your brother still your perception regarding me as sister fucker tormented a pilgrim into Anaconda and exposed Laden as snake whose shrine building dream sunk in Ocean by Barack Obama that actually ended the most explosive Fitna of this earth exposing radiating particles of extremists and exposing this school of thought as cancer hence when Lord opened his third eye to thos mistaken perception practitioners It proved I am not mentally sick I am perceiving from divinely light

During my early ages when I was inquired why you get so hot 🔥 I replied I am getting Sexually abused for igniting my feelings I believe my bully that means vagina or penis will pop out one day out of my pant zip tearing it apart

Here that one present in Thialand for PHD mistaken the Thailand 🇹🇭 built mistaken perception and a practitioner impured Arabic Bible He had same perception in his mind calling bhudha and Last Prophet PBUH wrong or liar and Arabic Bible a lie

So Lord’s Third eye opened and his bully I mean penis in my language popped out into dragon and his tongue popped out as liar

Hence proving Arabic Bible a Gospel Last Prophet PBUH an apostle and Buddha as some divinely avatar and radical Islam followers as Mistaken perception practitioners and misguided.

This Family is Generation of father of ignorance and I showed light to this world at the expense of this family’s wrath

I was bullied to that extent that It appealed to Lord and than opened his third eye tormenting the practitioners of bullying that crossed the limit and Barack Obama Junior passed anti bullying act in United States and While tour of India

His lips trembled with fear and grief announcing

Seniorita Budy Budy Daishoo may I hope you understand

Means Seniorita In bigger countries of world

That was for any women of this world accepting me as spouse

But I have been tied a knot with illeterate middle aged women because there stood no body to take me to USA for my Seniorita

Barack Obama Also closed Guantanamo Bay Cuba

Jail and Joe Biden being is ex vice president of Obama and currently a successful president of USA also withdrew from Afghanistan War as he is greatly Persuaded by president Obama..

Curst of this topic is I am that soldier A because of whom Anti Bullying act was passed in US to be idealised in every part of world my state call me monkey but The way I faced cyber bullying social bullying work place bullying and physical bullying I did not gave an act to USA to be followed by rest of world I paid a price to this banana state for representing them as motive of this reform in rest of world..and exposing that mistaken perception to world that is resulting in opening third of Lord tormenting practitioners into creatures

Stay safe world Superman is here to save you

Don’t get abuse soft gender Not every state is banana state not justice of Lord is banana state..justice is equal for all in balance of Lord.

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