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What are the best wordpress hosting platforms for speed?« Back to Questions List

Having a fast website is critical to an effective digital online marketing campaign. Today's digital world moves a hyper-speed so its move fast or get left in the past. Case in point... If a person is searching for the fastest wordpress host which WP hosting companies do you think top the list for the best wordpress hosting platforms for speed? I've put together a fully managed wordpress hosting service and go-to-market wordpress website development on The is a pre-anouncement for Web Host Dev as we're transitioning out of UI/UE Beta to a live cloud host environment for WordPress websites this weekend.
  • Siteground? - SiteGround seems to offer best all around customer service for the money which is key with business looking for reliable managedĀ  wordpress hosting companies. (siteground affiliate link)
  • Kinsta? Many customers a Kinsta loyalists and believe Kinsta is the web's premium WordPress host platform. My experience with Kinsta started off pretty great but the "premium" service flat-lined after the first couple of successful attempts at getting support on technical issues I had during setup / migration of a wordpress website. I will give Kinsta another try. Its actually where is hosted now.
  • WP Engine?
  • DreamHost?
  • BlueHost? - You'll find competitive prices at Bluehost surely but not the white glove wordpress fully managed VIP customer service some of the other WP website hosting providers are touting. (bluehost affiliate link)
  • Godaddy?
  • Pagely?
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Posted by Benjamin Ogden
Asked on May 7, 2020 9:59 am