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Another song that I love because of the power of the sound

I have an odd way of looking at music. I like a lot of different types of one-off variety. That is to say unusual sounds or presentations. I can even focus so much on the unique sound that it never occurs to me to really get into the words or what they mean.

This song is Radioactive, the artist is Imagining Dragons, and it combines those wonderful attributes with a stirring melody. What’s not to love. I certainly don’t know anything that would make me not like it. Weird concept, unusual band name, and unique sounds…the big three in my music reference list. Oh yes, there are also costumes–I can enjoy people like Lady Gaga simply because of the costuming used while she is on stage.

15 thoughts on “Another song that I love because of the power of the sound”

  1. I love Imagine Dragons. You reversed the band name and the name of the song. Imagine Dragons the band did an HBO documentary a few years ago which I really enjoyed. It is called “Believer”

    1. So I did. I should have caught that. The song title is obviously Radioactive because that is a constant refrain in the song. Thanks for catching that. The fact that i updated it doesn’t detract from the fact that I messed it up.

      I will listen to the two videos. Since it is the sound, and part of that has to do with the words and the way they express that…I will see if I like Believer as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Omg, Monica. After listening to the interview, I had tears in my eyes. I have very little involvement with the Mormon faith, my upbringing was a lot different….very hellfire and damnation but within the region of most evangelical conservative groups.

      I do know that is a form of hell to be born into the Mormon faith as a LGBQT person. I think a lot of it is the normal religious beliefs, but with them, I also think it goes to the other things that they believe that don’t occur ini most other faiths. They are more tied to traditional family life…with a man in charge etc because of the unique belief they have about how heaven is constructed.

      All that is to say that these young people have a horrible row to hoe, and I am not at all surprised to hear that suicide is out the roof. What brought me to tears, however, was the love that the guy in the video expressed…and his standing with those young people against what they are subjected to. WONDERFUL.

      I liked song, but the reason and meaning behind was even better.

      1. YES! I had so much more respect for the band after watching their documentary on HBO.
        My brother at one time was baptized into the Mormon faith. It lasted a few years. I attended his ceremony and it was so…… well I will just say I felt so out of sorts. But I will always support my siblings in what ever they choose as long as it leads them into the right direction. Which it did….for a second.

        1. I met some Mormons in the hospital waiting room when my father was dying. Anyway, there was a book of Mormon in there and I was reading it, because I will usually pick up just about anything. I have always been especially interested in religions. Anyway, they offered to come visit and tell me about their faith. I took them up on it.

          However, it didn’t take me long to see that we had a big misunderstanding. i thought we were going to discuss, and I was going to learn something about their religion. They thought, on the other hand that I was going to see the light as they did and become Mormon myself. And I don’t blame them, it is what they were there to do.

          However, I got tired of it…my mother was only tolerating them being there because I had invited them, and she never stood in the way of me learning something. I went to one service with them, which I found very very boring. Finally, I latched onto the fact that I was going to graduate shortly and used that as an excuse to discontinue the “discussions” saying that when I had more time, I would call them.

          It has been 50 years and I haven’t called them back. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. They are probably riding their bikes around still looking for you ๐Ÿ˜€

            I read a book when I was maybe 19-20 about the Mormon Church. How it came to be and all the revelations the founders had…and how they would miraculously change to suit the law? I knew back then not to take that church too seriously.

            My parents were forced to go to a Catholic boarding school all their lives and my dad can discuss the Bible with the best of them. And sometimes when we would get that knock on the door from one religious group or another he would actually sit with them and have long discussions. My crazy dad.

            Were those Mormons sitting in the waiting room just waiting for people during their trying times?

            1. You know, that is something I can’t remember exactly. As i recall it was a family that were there for some reason, and when I expressed an interest in “learning about the Mormon Religious’…they sicc’ed the missionaries on me.

              if it had actually been two of the missionaries in the waiting room, I would know that they were waiting for someone that might be going though a rough time and might be convertible, but not since I believe it was a family that lived in the community.

              And I think they still operate somewhat based on what the original vision that Joseph Smith claimed to have suggested as far as the “multiple wives thing”. They have marriage, but they also incooporate others into the family that are “sealed” for eternity and not for life as I get it.

              I never understood how a Black person or a woman could actually be a Mormon because fairly recently, Black men could not be priests, which means that they weren’t really members. Women can’t get into the celestial kingdom (what most call heaven) without being sealed to a man. That’s why I mentioned the “sealed” above because apparently that is how they resolved the many wives issue when they decided that they would quite doing that apparently because of legal pressure. …If they don’t label these extra women as “sisters wives” it passes under the radar.

              Now any of that could actually be wrong but it is the way I understood and still understand it.

              But in a real sense, I agree with you and almost have more respect for the renegades that, even today, since practice multiple marriages out the desert. They stuck to their guns at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

              1. It’s such a crazy thing this church and it’s history. And the world is full of people who are so lost that they will grasp at anything.

                I have no problem with the “sister wife” idea….but throwing the Bible or what ever they are claiming it is to justify it is what bugs me. Multiple wives are in the history of many cultures. And I don’t think other cultures are rewriting religious text to justify it.
                And I am ok with them hiding in the desert if they want to stay naive to this changing world.

                1. Yeah, the ones hiding in the desert, at least, however, stayed true to the original teachings that they got. The main body suddenly decided to revise the vision when they got in trouble with the law.

                  Seriously thought, until they start messing with children, I think the religious freedom platform should allow for the sister-wives part of that doctrine. (but not when 13 years old was forced into it)

                  1. High 5 to that. I remember them coming to my door a few times and I thought… rude.
                    With our practices we NEVER preach it or try to get anyone to join us but we get thousands of people a year seeking what we have.

                    I truly believe people get such a strong desire or calling to what we practice and they will spend years seeking. I know that because I have talked with many. Even other Natives who were raised without spiritual guidance seek something because they feel lost. And when they show up at one of our gatherings they can’t just jump in and participate. Some spend years doing other duties before they are allowed to participate.

  2. I remember a verse from the Bible taught to me as a child…and trust me the Bible was punched into my head so that I “think Bible” as do a lot of people from the area I am from. Biblical passages are how we understand the world. Anyway the verses I am referring to talked about the early christian faith grew because of the love and caring that was obvious when one looked at the group.

    Actions should hopefully be the draw, not screaming or intruding on someone’s personal space.

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