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Another leftwing liberal judge, Judge Tim Kelly, gave a Proud Boy member 22 years for his so called participation on the Jan., march on the white house. This loser judge is typical of the socialist/communist in public employment today. (I am sure that loser judge would have let all the Antifa insurrectionist and rioters who assaulted and killed citizens and law enforcement personnel and burned public building and took over parts of cities.)

Like most gov’t employees today especially on the left are losers, the worse society has to offer, ripping off the system, milking the taxpayer for all they are worth while pretending they are loyal Americans when in fact they are dong nothing but harm to the country. They consider themselves elitist, better than everyone else and fear anyone who might knock them off the gravy train they are riding, especially real Americans who say it like it is and will hold them accountable. This Judge Kelly is a loser from the get go and likely been living on the taxpayer dime his whole life, like Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Adam (Pinocchio) Adam Schiff, and the lose female legislators who instigated the year long riots and told them not to fear prosecution because they have the funds to bail them out should they even be arrested and will supply an attorney of needed. Now how is the criminal and engaged in traitorous seditious conduct. Not Trump. Hell we know that the socialist/communist, liberals manipulated the elections with crooked judges and election officials. Trump was right and well within his rights to demand that those crooked election officials go back and review those election ballots and recount them. Never did he say that they were to do anything illegal.

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