Announcing Two New Websites from Benjamin Ogden

SEO Expert Since 2001 and SEO Services are my 2 latest web development projects which I’ve announced to be completely released before 2020 year’s end.

A final launch date for complete host services is not set yet.

I figured posting an official announcement about them both here was a good idea because I know that I will always receive honest feedback from thoughtsters.

Please know there is still some default latin text on a few of the website pages up now, are not completely live yet but they’re fairly close to being ready.

Close enough to give members a first peek at my 2 most recent projects.

These host pages will be updated with a list of reputable and secure web hosting service comparisons in the coming days.

Thank you thoughts, you all really rock!

Best Web Hosting Sites
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Looking for a fast and reliable web hosting service that is still affordable for less than $10/month?

There’s a ton of great website hosting companies that are divided into a few key primary web hosting categories:

Primary Hosting Categories

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My second latest to latest web creation in my 20 year web development career is, an organized web hosting resource reference for anyone shopping for cheap & reputable hosting plans in 2020.

It covers everything from cPanel and Reseller hosting plans to shared WordPress hosting and premium managed WP hosting plans available on the competitive website hosting market.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you operating a website on WordPress CMS?

Learn everything you need to know about what managed WordPress hosting is on

This website will help you learn about the differences between affordable / budget / cheap managed wordpress plans compared with premium managed WP plans and decide which web hosting plan is your website’s best fit given what is NEEDS.

Follow on Instagram @bestwebhostingsites.

And taking things in a totally new direction I’m launching my official search engine optimization community to help SEO beginners become the ultimate SEO masters.

My search engine optimization skills are what ultimately made me so successful on the internet for all these years.

.. .. Learn my secret strategies I use with live updates on the latest new optimization strategies, general SEO strategy changes and Google algorithm update analysis. The only thing constant in search engine optimization is change .. ..

Benjamin Ogden SEO Services

I was one of the top performing SEOs in the world for over a decade from 2001-2013.

I then took a much needed hiatus from the 80 hour work weeks by working on a financial invention for the capital markets (stock market) and also played lots of blackjack in the casinos for a few years 2013-2016 and returned to developing new websites and perfecting my SEO craft in 2017.

On I share my SEO expertise with free search engine optimization guides and soon to follow I’ll be launching premium SEO community memberships with exclusive content only available on

Learn my own personal SEO strategies which I’ve learned & developed in my 20+ years spent working on search engine optimization daily as one of the online casino industry’s first SEO pioneers.

My good friends Ashley & Moshe at Vegas Kings kick ass casino design firm so kindly often call me “the legend” in in the industry which actually makes me light up inside to have the respect of such accomplished industry veterans themselves.

It will take me years to share everything on that I already know about search engine optimization strategies and techniques, principles and SEO master architecture for optimal site performance and user engagement.

If you want to learn about search engine marketing Benjamin will soon become a must visit destination for all digital marketing experts and all levels of SEOs from newbies to industry veterans also in the twenty-plus club.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Two New Websites from Benjamin Ogden”

  1. I am happy to see your brand growing. This industry is a MUST keep up with field that will run you over if you don’t. And there is absolutely no way I would be able to keep up. But I am happy to say I know someone who can….Ben Ogden. And that is good enough for me. Anyone have questions….I just point to Ben.

  2. Geeez. . .I looked at this during my morning wake-up tea and thought that it was from a spammer who used Ben’s name. After reading it and seeing Monica’s comment I realised it was genuine.

    Good luck with it all, Ben.

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