Angry or Confused?

Annoyed for no reason?

If you’re a human, there are chances you might have encountered a situation where you are pissed, upset or frustrated for no particular reason. In this situation even the ice-cream therapy doesn’t work. The feeling is so miserable that you start expressing it by anger. You tend to get angry on people who are close to you, who are nice to you. There are 90% chances you’ll feel guilty about that later ( not 100% cause sometimes you don’t even remember such a thing happened). However this mood makes you listen to sad songs, you feel like everything is going wrong. It’s the time you start questioning yourself about life you are living. This is the time when all you can recall is about the failures and past mistakes. Sometimes you even doubt about your whole existence. Basically all the negative thoughts play with your head. The worst part is, you don’t even know why!?

(And you can’t even let this go because now you have to maintain the character so that people don’t call you crazy.)


Scientifically it is because of the hormonal changes or may be it’s accumulated anger and frustration from previous times when you couldn’t express it. Young people, specially ones going through puberty will experience this often and the sad part is no one understands. They’re mistaken as rebels or untamed. Even at a matured age people face such problems and it’s natural.


Like I said earlier even the ice-cream therapy fails but there are certain things which you can do to reduce the damage which you are capable of causing during that period.
1. Dance it out- Play music on blast and dance the hell out. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad at it. It’ll help you release stress.

2. Gym/ Exercise- Well it’s a perfect time for you to hit the gym or do your daily workout at home. Use all your anger and frustration. Use this so called problem in your favor. You’ll thank yourself.

3. Get that “ME” time- You can be by yourself because staying around other people might result into an argument or quarrel. You might end up doing something you may regret later. Staying alone in your room will save a lot of explanation.

4. Go for a walk- Take a stroll, but beware! DO NOT INTERACT with anyone. Greeting them is fine. At the very moment you are too sensitive and impact of words is X10. A walk will surely help when you take in the fresh air. Think about good things in life and how you can make them even better. It’s never too late to do that you know.

5. Sleep- If nothing floats your boat, go to sleep. It’s the best thing to do according to me because when you wake up you are totally a different person.

Well that is it….. PUNCH a pillow next time when you are in this phase.

And remember it is just a phase and it’ll pass.


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