AngelBaby disclaimer

This is me.  The hardest part of this truth is to see myself in the mirror.  What I had believed, what I had felt; The elation, the horror, the pain, my stupidy.

I couldn’t write this first person, because it was too hard to look at what had become of me.  Although my life, had, at a certain time, dictated the way….I was gaslighted.  I read what someone wanted me to see, and I didn’t see it any other way.

Because of my susceptible brain, and my insecurities, and my naivety, my mind…MY MIND did this.  He did this.  He did this to me!!  BUT i allowed him to, and THAT was my downfall….That was my souls demise.  That someone felt that they could play mindgames with me…that hurt.

That STILL hurts.  It has colored my world, and I am a jaded old(er) & wiser woman.

AngelBaby is my last chapter in how messed up I am.

She will be split into 2, if not more posts.

Good night