AngelBaby 2

She made a new email account, using another name, and started over again.  She made a new blog, and went back to answers.  No one knew she’d lost the old account, and no one knew who the new her was.  It was too easy.  She made a third account, just for fun.  She was kind of pissed off.  At Michael, at yahoo for suspending her account (which in reality was cancelled, altho in later months she was able to get her original account back).  She doesn’t remember why she decided to become someone else. She just had, all her life, wanted to be someone else, yet….she still was herself.  That’s what got her thinking, and watching.

All of her accounts were separate pieces of her.  She’d post things on her blog, and ask questions accordingly to that specific part of herself, or the self she wanted to be.  She flirted outrageously with him, and with others…mostly with him.  As Joey she went after him, pissing off Becky, and apparenty him too.  He emailed Joey, and was sweet talking her..saying she reminded him of someone he once knew.  She emailed back, saying “it is me”.  He emailed her back, taken aback, and asked her to please keep it low key, because BECKY was vulnerable.  WHAT ABOUT HER???  She should have known then, but she had rocks instead of brains in her head!

The next day their flirting got out of control, and when he told her (becky) in a comment “No words needed”.  She saw red.  She shut down the computer, and cried.

Those were the exact words he said to her in his story~

She wasn’t going back…nope, the hell with him, but she had to know…(I told you stupid), she was friggin hooked.  She just had to know.

Two days later…she went back.  And he was gone.

She was upset.  Upset and angry.  Two days later, he was back.  He posted, in question form that he was hurt;  he’d had had an accident at home, and his hands were bandaged, and that it was hard to type….so he was taking a break from Yahoo to heal, and think.

OMG she thought.  All she could think about was that he was hurt, and that she didn’t want him to leave, and that he was important to her.  She tried to messenger him, but again that stupid glitch, so she left a message, and hoped he got it, and shut down her computer.

A couple of days went by, and again she signed back on.  She was hoping she’d see him, or that he had left a message for her, or even an email.  Nothing.  She went to his blog, and posted that she missed him, and hoped he was feeling better.  Then she went to ask questions, and answer some to pass the time.  She “spoke” on messenger with her other contacts, and tried to forget about him.  She called Gina, she seemed to be really close to him, and asked her questions.  She hadn’t heard from him, but he was supposed to show up at her house, and didn’t.  She told her about the erotic story, and she said “oh, he gives that to all the girls he meets.”  She argued and defended her letter.  “no…it’s too personal, too private.”  Gina lightly laughed, and said “oh honey…that’s just Michael”.

She was too good at running…..she should have ran~

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