And you can tell everybody this is your song.

The mass is guided easily, for example one says, this site and that site are bad and have no privacy, the other one replies, yes, yes, and also don’t know how to write a blog, it’s so difficult to navigate through it, and then all the rest come and just accept it as it is, without own thoughts that are based on reality. So let’s help some, if you want to make a blog entry here, just go up where the W and the home button and the Thinkr is and you will see a +, press upon it and there you have it, New Post…so simple, as for the privacy issue, do you go out in reality totally covered and only eyes are visible and your home is between walls that no one can see it and your car is invisible and your life is just ghostly?

Come on, you can’t be serious about privacy on Net, now really, are there still people out there that use the Net that still think that privacy is an issue when  you blog?, what are you going to blog about and you are so concerned?, how to make a working missile for Kim? LOL!.

Also just go up there and see by yourself…it’s not a secure connection, neither in thoughts com was a secure connection, if by any chance you fell to the stalker that will want to stalk you, it can be done with the same ease as in thoughts but at least here, WordPress has the tools to find him if it goes out of hand the situation.

Either way, just enjoy life and don’t waste it with things that don’t matter, believe me, no one is out to get you, no one even knows that you exist other than a nickname on Net, the resources the time the money and the effort from all angles for someone to stalk you, belong to only conspiracy theories, so just enjoy what you got and what is given to you without something in return, because believe it or not, some people do care about others, about bringing people together and giving some life to this cold place that is called Net.

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  1. I pretty much agree with you but one can always use the Tor browser network which helps insure privacy.
    I think I should change it to the following.
    I pretty much agree with you to all and you are the best in da World. Wish I had the knowledge that you do.:)

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