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And that is what it always leads back to.

It almost feels disgusting, getting your shit together and actually noticing a difference. My head seems to be a little more clear. I’ve always been the person to support not working your life away, and going & doing what you loved. And it’s not that I’m working my life away, but my heart & soul are about to be focused on something I never thought was possible. My job. I’ve never been so determined to do something like I have been with this promotion. I feel like I am growing, and even though I’ve been a disaster, I have a fresh mind. I do not chase people. I chase money I work hard for. I chase beautiful adventures. I chase what feels good in my soul. And I will stop for no one. I just have to get through six months of working my ass off. Six months of stress, headaches and losing my mind. Six months of pure chaos. Six months of proving myself. Six months of giving everything I’ve fucking got. Six months of getting closer to my dreams. Then I can hit the road, once again.

1 thought on “And that is what it always leads back to.”

  1. life is not abouts the shits but about yourself and life gets better when you make a better version of yours so keep growing and keep learning stay stronger stay YOU !

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