and so it begins.. again..

imagine my surprise when I opened that email account because there was some new activity.. some one by the name of toyray was requesting friendship on a site called thoughts’com.. how could this be.. I spent days frantically transferring everything I could to SAVE before poofed out of existence.. I will never know if I got it all or not.. so now.. here I am.. still wondering if we are exposed to the broader world.. or can we set a setting to “NO we don’t want outsiders to see our posts” you know I need a bit of privacy now and then.. at least on Tuesday’s.. but then… it’s been awhile.. I may not be able to reprise that event.. I may be too old and rusty.. we’ll see how it goes..

what the hell is a snippet..

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    1. Top right. Look for “Howdy olla” and hover your mouse curser over it. The drop down list will have a highlighted option in blue, There will also be a sub menu where the ‘friends request’ is. click on it and that should take you the appropriate page.

  1. I’m fairly sure that everyone on the ‘Thinkr’ site was more than surprised when it went off-line, (I was) and even more surprised when the next day ‘’ went live once again where Thinkr used to live. I can imagine that as the word gets round more and more old ‘thoughtsters’ will return to the fold.

    As for privacy settings, I don’t think there is one. I have never seen any option to keep one’s post private or public. So until that option is an option, I wouldn’t post anything that you don’t want the world to see. I don’t know if any plans exist to introduce a privacy feature, that’s something for Ben to enlighten us all on.

    So welcome back to Thoughts. . . the next generation.

    ps: I actually remember you from thoughts back in the day.

    1. thank you so much for your help.. I think I am finally starting to get started.. it’s been awhile so we’ll see where it leads..

  2. I take the privacy thing back. There are 3 options on the editing page.

    1. Public. Visible to everyone.
    2. Private. Only visible to site admins and editors.
    3. Password Protected. Protected with a password you choose. Only those with the password can view this post.

    These options can be found at the right of the editing screen under ‘visibility.’

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