…And Good Will To All

Mike’s Common Sense

I have talked about the need to love more than we ever have before. Its true, we do, but, how do we accomplish this? After all its difficult enough to love those close to us at times, let alone total strangers, and our enemies.

We need to realize that it is impossible for anyone to love everyone with deep affection. Deep love, should be given only to those closest to us. God, your immediate family, and closest friends. The rest of the world we should love through good will.

What is good will, and how do we give it to others? There are many ways to do this, the first way, is to allow everyone to be themselves. In other words, try not to judge others. This is not as easy as it sounds.

We all have been raised with certain prejudices, and opinions. It is very easy to slot people by their appearance. Long hair on a guy, means he’s a hippie, lots of tattoos, and he’s a punker. Then there are a whole slew of racial slants that we are all familiar with. When you see someone different from you, and you automatically slot him or her, as this or that, catch yourself, realize that you are judging that person, and decide not to. Send some silent love to that person instead. That is good will.

Another way to practice good will, is through acts of kindness. God said, “whatever you should do for someone else, even the most wretched, you also do for me”. In my post “The Awakening” I talked about how each and everyone of us is a manifestation of The Holy Spirit, in a different state of consciousness. Each and everyone of us, including our enemies, are divine, and should be treated with respect; no matter how ignorant they are of their divinity. When we are disrespected, or hurt, be like Jesus and bless them “for they know not what they do”.

There are other ways to show good will. Be creative, and see how many other ways you can think to give love. Soon it will become second nature, and you will do them without even thinking about it.

Every time you demonstrate love, you are making a contribution to our collective unconscious, like putting money in a bank. When we have enough people contributing, we will push our collective consciousness into the next level taking everyone else with us.

How about that for a gift of love?


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