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An Irreversible apology from entire Global Village for tracking them on peace pathway in this life and salvation of next life.

This is all about an Irreversible apology to the world.
Back in 2004 when true face of Islam was warfare selfbombing killing in radical differences and A python was trying to transform the world with bloodshed
This belief changed his status from companion of US and Afghan freedom fighter
At that time I migrated from Benazir Bhutto modernised schools to Fundamentalist school
I was psychedelic and passive in memorising
Struggle to explore environment
And language shift took time to help environment decode local Conservative communal odd shape of terminologies always making me struggle in making sense
But in those schools I truly reformed my character.
These acted as refinery and I even did not had knowledge what narcotics types are
Where they are formed
Dad was chain smoker
I never smoked
Maternal Grandfather was morphine addict
I was provided barfi
Accusers own Grandfather was Tobacco pump smoker
But The way I was being biased and discriminated in
Academic institution I was for sure I would not have cleared tenth exam without reckoning calculators.
It was Hira project of International system
And it included a political party
Jamat Islami
Majority of not decayed bodies were from this Qadri Group and Islamic group
I just caught curious attention of it and miraculously this
School of thought I conveyed to entire world.
I had a firm believe if I can’t cross Fundamentalists premises
God will leave my hand
So I even stopped focusing
Regular 5 prayers
But never missed
From 7 years old to 37 years young
A single Friday Prayer
NIght of decree worship
Night of ascension worship
Odd 7 nights worship
And 27th Ramzan worship.
Fed food to his creature
Paid alms
Visited small vendors low quality and contaminated food.
always wore simple clothes
I was not only going phenomenal in my studies
But I was facing mental health negative.marking
At the same time I was Salam Khan charisma with magnetic compelling shadow signalling AJ is coming.
My elder brother was being tested in wrong field
With over 50 lack Investment in failing cause.
So his mails and my dummy email brought me in lime light.
So I mailed Qadria school of thought and prophesied Laden as a Hypocrate python.
Although I was not just send to remand on that day
But this school of thought opponents were cursed to deformation.

My younger brother because of whom misconception and physical assaults he superceded me because he was properly inculcated religious moral and ethical values
But I acquired it from hira project they were verified from Qadira lineage their forefathers were never decayed among many of then in their resting place
Charity was collected
75 % 4 semester fee was collected
Ionosphere manipulated
Admission fee collected
My Dad treatment continued
2004 to 2024
He survived liver cirrhosis
Obviously it is a miracle
His condition of burning body
Just obsessed me to block growth of bloody hbv b –
He is 69 about to celebrate his Ruby jubilee.
My potential attention of uprooting cancer of endometrial cancer it was in stage 2 it has not proliferated
Surgical removal of endometrial mayomatrium and pericardial was performed.
After radiotherapy it’s 7th year she is surviving with lose urinary gladder control.
After second shot of younger brother before hira project refinement
I committed sex suicide for not able of acquiring and cognitive changes in impaired dyscalculia and struggle in Sensory processing of perceptiveness.
As Excessive brain cognitive work directly effected stomach digestion and food excreting with diarrhea.
Further Siemens hormal ejaculasion resulted in model’s Anorexia Nervosa.
That’s third treatment to success is 43 kg Skelton weight up to 90 kg.
Totally fat
And after a graduation recession period
OHSC England and GL Global accredited PG HR Management certificate
To attach to BSBA.HRM 2nd class.
1st Division M.Ed
1st Division M.A Urdu majors in journalism.

Ending this note
That pilgrim priotised Mr Sharif shrine over Mr Khan and as she abused “sister fucker she became python And Mr Sharif is dominated by Laden school of thought
I put the game show before Lord let him play and let the world behold.
That was wait and watch the show.

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