An Ideal Joint Family Structure

This is an Ideal Joint Family Structure will save you from incest Family disaster.

A Structure where all the sons are equally transferred ownership of shares to start from and extend their shares in company by purchasing further when their shares accrue profit and they receive high dividends

At stock exchange they trade with shares value that increase or decrease

They purchase bonds whose interest they deal and on maturity they receive profit that comprise of mark up value return plus bond principle value

All daughters enjoy the similar feat

Cognitively weak but educable or slow learners are developed in education and socially farthest they can acquire and which walk of field they can earn comfortably and survive

Than they are married equaliser spouse where she is independent to afford his husband independently

But like knot of woods all siblings stay united.

The Draw back is The University Pass out but it prepares donkeys to lift burden

Let reformers bark and awakening cock slaughter

You are a doctor but recovery abilities are better in a compounder or in a Nurse

Being a doctor you just have knowledge that you capitalise with 1000 rs prescription and treatment recommendations and medication ๐Ÿ’Š.

You are an Engineer but B tech gets priority on you and gets Engineering Electrical Job

And Civil electrical electronics and computer systems Engineer are teaching Compuer science and Maths in high schools

Non MBA Small and Medium enterprises business men have dominance in trade market because of non global business practices and stronger ties of human relations.

Architects Geologist are preparing home maps on autocat Geologist instead of preparing anti earthquake mechanisms are teaching in primary schools

A mad man is successfully administrating various medicines with fatal viruses and fatal ailments

Pharmacists instead of manufacturing pharmaceutical products and practicing in pharmacy as doctor of pharmacy Are running medical stores or inspecting schools.

It is all lapse of a mainstream Human Resource structure and Human Development failure..

Entire state requires services of their Human capital but Human Resource development is required

Agriculturalists are instead of cultivating advance variety seeds of wheat barely cotton tobacco rice pulses and increasing crop production with technology and advanced vehicles…unqualified and incompetent farmers are sweating in scorching heat with labour and tractors.

Here what workforce study in universities cannot apply it practically

Software Engineers cannot compete at international level

Enthusiasts have more followers than top ranked HR managers

It is total lapse of a competent Human Resource structure and Human development strategies

Curriculum development with practical simulation and exposure to every day situations and applications problem solving

There is human capital but unskilled adjustments as right person for right job will work.

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