An eerily beautiful voice….a great listen and 2 second song by a hero of mine

I thought I would share two different video’s from youtube. Both of these, I have shared previously on another page, but thought I would repost them here. They are being shared for different reasons.

The first one is simply a truly haunting song with a great voice and an intriguing sound. The second shared if so a more personal reason having to do with memories of long ago and far away, during my one trip to New York City and a personal hero. Well, not just a hero for me personally, for many people actually, but not for the general public, necessarily.

8 thoughts on “An eerily beautiful voice….a great listen and 2 second song by a hero of mine”

  1. First Off……LOVE Leonard Cohen. He’s a classic who had his very own unique style .

    As for Harvey…..and yes it’s just Harvey in my world because we probably would be best friends who have afternoon tea and just chill.
    But I already have my Big Gay Friend slot filled. Though I tried to dump him……but I couldn’t. My hairstylist friend AL.
    Long story…..well not so long story but ill share later.

    YOU have wonderful taste Lefty.
    As for Drag……AMAZING. My friend/Hairstylist makes wigs for Drag Queens. He is currently attracted to a young one new to the scene. Apparently after the show….this new young one would come out to the floor to visit “Pappy”.That’s what this young fellow calls my friend. All this before the shut down……I don’t know if their infatuation survived.

      1. Awww…… what is it with the young ones? Yes….young ones are beautiful….but they are not much for conversation. Well…for me conversation is so important.

        1. Hey, even my mother used to like her some eye candy. She liked Michael j Fox. Now if you asked her she would have probably told you it was his acting. I think she was just a dirty old woman. ๐Ÿ˜›

          1. Hahahaha…..dirty old woman. Too funny. SPEAKING of eye candy…there is a this young one who lives above me. He loves to work out outside and he is very fit. The sun reflects off his oiled up body so I have to close my shutters or ill go blind.

            AND there is another one below me. When I happen to be sitting out on my balcony he chooses that time to come outside …shirtless of course to clean his Harley. Now mind you….I sit out there and just pretty much meditate so yes. …he is distracting.
            They are everywhere.

            1. I suspect the one below, at least, is showing off. He wants you to see him…or it wouldn’t be every single time, I don’t think!! Some “ice candy” are vain and teases…but I am afraid my thoughts tell me they are likely also arrogant jerks a lot of the time.

              Which makes even more interesting that one of the most important and meaningful friends I ever had was a bit of a show off, and definitely eye candy…at least i thought so. We weren’t capable as anything more than friends, but that was enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

              He lived in DC till his death from AIDS about 25 years ago. i will never forget him.

              1. Oh….I am ok with arrogant jerks as long as they can back all their cockiness.
                I know I know I know……I know.

                Sorry about your friend.

                1. Well, arrogant jerks are different from show offs…be a show off but nice and maybe a bit flirty about it, and I might (who am I kidding….the word here should be will, not might) stand there and drool while I watch…be a jerk…ie arrogant and rude and acting as though I am beneath them….not so much. I prefer being able to keep the fantasy alive at least 5 minutes. ๐Ÿ˜›

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