Dangerous School of thought of Radicalism and Horrific End of a radicalist of this school of thought

This info is for those who wanted to know how much digitalisation Artificial Intelligence installed brain can go advancement….I am pretty sure From making retarted brains functional to making competent and genius sound and healthy brain unsoundness of retarted and Autistic brains can be cured so that people accept their existence and special laws abiding enforcement for them

Obviously my right angel was as much recording my good deeds recording as my left angel was relaxing me in recording my bad deeds…

And I know my record book is not same as others have been held accountable

I did my level best to get rid of the situation torture these brutal people inflected me balancing my this world and hereafter and entire world resisted me turned against me The revenge of my society is terrible they have taboo in hidden my marriage and reproduction rights holding me accountable for their abusive wrong actions against me…..Even in Pilgrimage their women mutated into snake exposing wrong perception of these people that People purify their sins in Pilgrimage and afterwards refill tank of their sins go to Pilgrimage again ….instead of purifying her God mutated her into snake…It is horrific consequence of radicalism and the saint of these radicalists is a snake that’s where their ideological school of thought will lead their followers either deform them or mutate them…..when indians call me bagrangbali I get terrify from my Lord I can’t equal even a single thing the Lord is capable of.That means they have realised for prioritising me as saint I faced anger of Lord because of special invoke of my grandfather and parents to Lord I escaped Monkey mutation

Obviously I am afraid of following their school of thought even I will not be in exception from deformation into a monkey as I have expiation from further thinking this dangerous school of thought…I confess I used to be a radicalist and don’t even know who origin fake saint is

The school of thought of of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia is miracle of today’s age….blinds are getting their eye sight back angels are visiting house of God their school of thought is most honoured school of thought ….My mom prayed to God in Makkah for my health A miracle took place My brain became supercomputer I recovered my physical health and I had become a superman 5 years later I will get 40 still I have superman balls….

Well afterwards How they dealt with these miracles They persecuted me in jobs including both genders I faced offensive and abusive approach and they rumoured against me being noman challenging miracles of God

Still they wanted to know why they are radical and wrongful directed

I now realised as the damage has been done It is for sure Everybody took backward step instead of expiating this blunder and salvation souls for hereafter

So far as my childhood damages are concerned I have been a throne of their way of dreams…Everyone married their roses pulling off this throne The life is not bed of roses..

Abusing me unintentionally towards bigger hereafter destroying sins so that They justify their wrongful crimes against me and force God to make me fuel of Hell and then what God did Who can emotionally blackmail God when emotional appeal of his beloved people gets a black mail for these people Innocent people are abused and unaware of consequences while clever people are abusive manipulating innocence and hardest task for them is tolerance of innocence. So as is compassion of God emotional appeal of innocent people invoke compassion of God and these people when this emotional appeal gets a blackmail for people emotional appeal of these people with all their references channels such as Saints gets blackmail for God and God gets obstinate against those people That don’t expiation their wrongful crimes and blunders

The Tegretol named epilepsy Long term drug had reaction my brain later on until now a dangerous drug of epilepsy Epival i am forced to intake otherwise I will be set free as street loiterer 🐕.. Shots from my younger brother has done a finishing job until He replace my reality as liar and He is waiting for a lawful gun shot against this Mad 🐕

In 1997 when they successfully plotted my hereafter destruction what holograph captured my image on moon how my ❤ got impulse back after cardiac arrest…what kind of science it had been..

Last night I have been caught red handed watching incest on web but nobody knew detail of it

In Arabic Bible Finally God has taboo every kind of incest leaving all cousin marriages and different family clans in exception

Pursuing me to trace me the USA is persuaded by verses Nissa of Arabic bible that The same Surah of incest Taboo is enforced in all 56 states and USA is first ever country to quote the Last prophet PBUH and great grandson of Abraham and Hager ….Don’t leave infected area of Pandemic if you are there and don’t migrate to infected area if you are away from it

And verses of An nissa are as a law enforcement along with as much afford as much paid wives you own along with 4 genuine wifes you opt to be…

I was reluctant to get married after realising the prejudice I faced same will be faced by my children their grandparents will not be with them check out how horrific prejudice my baby sister faced She secured 85 to 90 percent marks but neither of her brother has enough resources…She is having irregular periods nobody has enough money for her regular treatment the history is well set to be repeated and she may have further psychological problem She is suffering from polycyst ovarian syndrome or PCOS Dad victimised her like me for antidepression treatment bullied by these bustard lobbyists and mafias She gained weight and her PCOS problem worsened When in actual I was serious in marriage only timing issue came it reduced to 5 to 10 minutes but now its half hour to 20 minutes to tell the truth my younger brother has excellent sperm count but timing issue I have longest timing and highest reproduction capacity and my character has been assassinated just for having lizard fucking style rather than dogs fucking style….my sister is 19 her Overy production has just started and I will not leave her no medicated

The way I have been prejudiced dealt my children will bring same genetic attributes the same prejudice for being generation of bustard loser

Who will bring them up who will nourish them how I will ensure their survival….

Obviously future of my children is not secure…

That liar Dragon in Thailand is Bhudha snake after pilgrimage is that lady in UK that put me on mental health test and drugs that caused Parkinson’s disease in me and am still taking Procyclidine for this that is a poison while my presence has saved my younger brother.

All supernatural events were for me and I have penile regeneration miracle and Global warming is result of Human neglect of God’s will and commandants what exactly God want from this world to return back paradise Earth to us.

I have Miraculous Heart beat since childhood that has survived 3 cardiac arrest attempts

Two in childhood early ages that got diagnosed as epilepsy and got long term treatment of epileptic drugs that reaction functioning of my brain such as poor calculations and arithmetic skills poor memorization and sensory perception handicapper rest job was done by my younger brother by his two times shots striking hard on my brain and increasing my handicappers I can’t measure distance properly between two points and I curve my front wheel of motor bike while passing closely side to side or I collide usually

People usually say he might have injected or smoked heroin or narcotics I have no knowledge either…they defame only person in the world that has no knowledge of narcotics drugs and people masking me are perishing one by one and even after me my personification will dreadfully perish

My Dad has dreams meeting of unidentified pious spirit but he presented wrong interpretation of his dreams

That dangerous perception misguided every body

Perhaps because of his dangerous perception misguide his this sin resulted in his misery

My younger brother is not Zain supernatural incidents from childhood took place around me including surviving cardiac arrest 2 times

Now God has revealed to every body what deeds they are putting forward and Seek pardon from God It is easy for God to forgive but its hard for you to get salvation even most sinful person in your eyes could be exempted and guided friend of God

For those who claim I am self communicator

They can tittle me as communicator to God The Almighty One Emperor to Universe

All those women in USA or Kingdom of Saudia Arabia that became creatures even that enlarged tongue penis dragon humiliated Arabic Bible He was Buddhist and liar Comodo Dragon is Bhudha I was born Ishmael Abrahamian and In my obstinacy they took dangerous steps keeping in view perceptions my those people of family members that biowared me with psychiatric drugs and resulted in Parkinson’s in me infect I don’t have healthy understanding because my younger brother shot me short term memiory loss since I was 10 years of age…

Radicalists should not dictate God who should be expelled from faith and who not God knows well what know not who will stay faithful to him as slaves and who are trying to be his father to grow Him up what he should do or not women try to be His wife advising him do this or that God is oldest and wise he doesn’t needs your dictations in his decisions he knows well who are his loyal faithful servants who are trying to be his partners in ruling this universere by not only being his son but also his father wife or mother….God is neither begotten nor beget…these are weakness of human that is one of his creatures angels are his creatures that have no partners Dejinn are his creature so God is not angel not Dejinn so He is not a human as well

How extremists verdict a faithful is expelled from religion..

Whereas they all want to share kingdom of this universe with God any one who fights for throne is disgusted by God It only belongs to God

Jesus could be a Lord but God has not begotten him as a biological offspring what biologically God himself is

So as uzra what ancient Jews claimed as son of God …God is not obsessed with such human affections and emotions

Obviously Good bye to pink cow for rejecting me

I am building long walls around my heart….and after clearing my status and way in paradise I am leaving you all on your ways chosen…you know your ways know my Job is over..

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  1. Actually That’s mean Hawking way of communication I used very difficult and odd vocabulary in it …I will next time use simple African Thanks for feedback yes I misspelled it Its Dumb

  2. Yes but Jesus is not begotten by God biologically He is a Miracle or He should have been in biological form of God that is not any creature in this world

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