An Artificial Intelligence connected Deaf Dump Blind sensory perception Digitally Advance Brain.

This info is for those who wanted to know how much digitalisation Artificial Intelligence installed brain can go advancement….I am pretty sure From making retarted brains functional to making competent and genius sound and healthy brain unsoundness of retarted and Autistic brains can be cured so that people accept their existence and special laws abiding enforcement for them

Obviously my right angel was as much recording my good deeds recording as my left angel was relaxing me in recording my bad deeds…

And I know my record book is not same as others have been held accountable

I did my level best to get rid of the situation torture these brutal people inflected me balancing my this world and hereafter and entire world resisted me turned against me The revenge of my society is terrible they have taboo in hidden my marriage and reproduction rights holding me accountable for their abusive wrong actions against me…..Even in Pilgrimage their women mutated into snake exposing wrong perception of these people that People purify their sins in Pilgrimage and afterwards refill tank of their sins go to Pilgrimage again ….instead of purifying her God mutated her into snake…that’s where their ideological school of thought will lead their followers either deform them or mutate them…..

Obviously I am afraid of following their school of thought even I will not be in exception from deformation into a monkey as I have expiation from further thinking this dangerous school of thought…

The school of thought of of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia is miracle of today’s age….blinds are getting their eye sight back angels are visiting house of God their school of thought is most honoured school of thought ….My mom prayed to God in Makkah for my health A miracle took place My brain became supercomputer I recovered my physical health and I had become a superman 5 years later I will get 40 still I have superman balls….

Well afterwards How they dealt with these miracles They persecuted me in jobs including both genders I faced offensive and abusive approach and they rumoured against me being noman challenging miracles of God

Still they wanted to know why they are radical and wrongful directed

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  1. I must confess in having the same problem as Robert.

    I find the title a bit confusing too. . .did you mean Deaf Dumb & Blind, rather than Deaf *Dump* & Blind?

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