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An Account of Jesus Christ Birth

One day Holy Mary After menses went to her Aunt’s or cousin’s home to have a bath

She hanged a cloth before her than Gabriel appeared in form of a beautiful lad and Mary got terrified to a lad before her

Then Lad said I am Gabriel Angel of Almighty Lord and I have been ordered to blow a soul in your womb and Mary got impregnated

That will not be son of Almighty but sign or miracle of Lord born from Gabriel blowing a soul in Holy Mary

As when Mary inquired o Almighty Lord how would I get pregnant when no men She intercoursed ever

Almighty said

I am omnipotent and capable to Do any thing

I just say be and here it is

When Mary was defamed and accused of sex and illegal relationship

Jesus Christ in cradle spoke evidence of her purity and chastity from any human opposite gender

And Saint Thomas Bible and Arabic bible gives account of words of Jesus Christ

Christ said I am servant of Almighty and his highly elevated prophet

I am heir of Torah and will be revealed Gospel

After me Last and Final Apostle will appear that will persuade and transform this world.

In Saint Thomas Bible

50 percent errors in transperancy of actual words of Almighty are correct and to extreme extent it is saved from corrupting actual words revealed to Jesus from Almighty


Blowing soul in birds of clay and enlivened them

Resurrecting dead people

Healing leprosy

Recovery Eye sight of born blind

Liars and cheaters used to physically mutate to swines

He was verdicted crucifixion from Jewish monks and callous and apathetic emperor of that time

Ordered his crucifixion.

Almighty miracled his death as well and according to Arabic Bible they did not crucified him Your Almighty raised him alive to heavens above

As we know He is capable to do any thing with order be and there it is.

Persians are followers of Generation of Last apostle how they can get wrong or mistaken

All wilayat starting from Umer and Ali is inherited to Persian imams that in actual is generation of Abraham from daughter of Last prophet and his son in law Imam Ali ‘s martyred son imam Hussain

‘s son Imam Zain ul Aabideen

One of imam prophesied Last Imam Mehdi’s face will appear on moon Imam Jafer Sadiq

Imam hussein head is still intact and alive in his shrine

Prophet John head is intact in his burial

Imam hussein can be resurrected by Jesus resurrection miracle medical science technology

It was prophesied Jesus will return at end of time to assassinate the destroyer rule of Almighty will prevail

Jesus did not married as he ascended to heavens at the age of 33 or more or less

These Imam corrected mis interpretation of verse of Arabic bible that permitted polygamy and allowed four regular wives and permitted contract marriages known as right hands or Mutta to curb

Homosexuality incest and illicit relationship with each other wives and blood addiction.

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