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American, Kidnapped, Missing Person, Human Trafficked, Human Rights Victim

My name is Jenny Miller. I’m a born U.S. citizen. I’m an Army civilian since pregnancy. I never enlisted. I’m 46 years old. I was, first, reported missing, by my parents, to local police, in 1984, on Level B in Palm Beach County, Florida, U.S.A. I’ve been trying to reunite with my mom and my dad, for fifteen years. We came to Canada, in Sept. 2022, to ask to be reunited. They were nearby, but not visible to me. I’m being held hostage and human trafficked by people, on nuclear, military systems, and their robots. They use experimental, nuclear, machine systems, from Pratt & Whitney, to hide me from the people who love me. I’m imprisoned, in plain sight. I’m suffering, deeply. The sexual abuse, pain, and radiation are torturous. I need to get the threats off of me, and away from me, to breathe, drink, eat, talk, walk, and move. I don’t have a phone. My email accounts all receive error messages and don’t receive email messages off of the server. My communication methods are controlled by threats. My arrangements seem to be made by threats against me. I’m a listed victim of Pratt & Whitney. I’m a reported victim of human rights violations, by the U.S. military, Canadian military, and Pratt & Whitney, to the United Nations.

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