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America, We have a NARCISSIST problem!

We cannot afford to let this man Trump become the dictator that he would like to be.  He has been slowly, but been successfully filling judgeships with his loyal candidates, so that when cases not to his liking are more likely to get thrown out.  He has continually dismissed, ( a nice word for firing), anyone that he could who was disloyal or did not do as he desired – i.e., they were  fired for honoring their vows to uphold the constitution.  Recently, I feel certain that an appointee abruptly resigned because he realized or at least felt that he was wrong for doing Trump’s bidding when he fired a Naval Officer for trying to protect his crew from a deadly virus.  And more importantly, is his firing of inspector generals, whose specific job is to inspect the government actions regarding the constitution.

So I plead with you to not let this narcissist be elected to this office again.  Even if we elect an entire congress of the opposition, he has the power, thanks to past congresses giving his office such power, to disregard most of what the congress does.

Have a nice day and stay safe.

3 thoughts on “America, We have a NARCISSIST problem!”

  1. There was a time I could say I hated no one, I had a huge dislike for some, but not hate. Trump and his entire family…I hate. I hate them, i hate all they stand for, and all they do. When a man in power, puts the almighty dollar in front of the health and welfare of the country he swore to protect, he’s evil, and he has no morals whatsoever.

  2. I couldn’t agree with this post any more. trump has managed to make our country a laughing and is currently endangering American lives. There are those who still support him, but some of them are showing themselves to be people who want to use guns and violence to force their agenda on the rest of us. We need to save our country or we are lost. I truly believe that.

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