I’ve struggled with loneliness ever since I was young. I envied the close relationships between families. I envied a lot of people. I’m not too far out from my mom or sister, yet I still feel so alone. It hurts. Growing up, I had to remind myself, to learn and try to be alright being alone. I’ve accepted it, but this doesn’t mean it hurts any less from time to time.

From all these years, I’ve learned many different speakers, different outlooks. I can say that each and every one of them had a point, but blind to some things as well.

It doesn’t help that I have social anxiety. I can’t talk with other individuals without getting rigid. I can’t even answer my phone. Anxiety and depression is a bundle to handle..

3 thoughts on “Alone”

  1. Anxiety and depression are like a double whammy. But it seems like you know where your at with it. You are close to close family and here to can open up at your on pace. I hope you stick with it and get to make some online friendships. And hopefully those experiences will translate over into helping you in real life. Good luck!

  2. Depression is my old friend. We have had a relationship since I was a teen. Many many years I suffered from depression. I can stare it in the eye and laugh about it at times. Music helps me a great deal. Putting random thoughts in print is a tension reliever. Hang in there.
    We can swap war stories, if you ever feel you can.

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