Air Pollution and Cancer

The cancer is also a result of environmental pollution Ultraviolet rays resulting from Ozone Depletion hole are rich in Vitamin D and these were found destroying Colbomines solution That is known as vitamin B 12 is that vitamin whose deficiency in any part makes it cancerous.

I dedicate my this Research to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Research Institute Pakistan

Early Diagnosis at stage 2 any cancer is totally curable with Radiotherapy..

Pakistan had alarmingly high Ultraviolet exposure to women breasts and ovarian with alarmingly high carcinoma

My mother is one of ovarian cancer survivor

My Dad is highest HBV Hepatitis B survivor 2002 to 2022 continued

If you want to understand my brain condition watch Tubelight of Salman Khan..

When blood sample of any HIV immune is extracted and it’s white blood cells are injected in HIV positive patients This experiment recovered HIV positive patient from miraculously immune HIV patient White blood cells now HIV vaccine is in progress.

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