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Age and aging, how old is too old for a political position or a leadership role.

Back when people were a lot smarter and one could appreciate age and wisdom, go hand and hand, the elderly were revered and respected and one sought their wisdom and experience. One may have reached a stage where their physical capabilities kept them from DOING, but their minds were way beyond anything someone much younger than them could really compete with. Well I guess now with the computer age, cell phone access to “facts” not the same as knowledge only the thumbs are important.

Of course if one is essentially a loser, a crook a con artist, liar and basically a coward at an early age those are the traits they practice and perfect and only become a bigger loser later in life. The opposite is true too. An honest, courageous, competent, one with integrity and real intelligence constantly reinforce those traits with like life long actions becomes more intelligent with experience, more trustworthy and a better leader as they age even when their physical capabilities decline. But we respect and put those with life long experience and wisdom in leadership, political positions. We use that wisdom for the good of a nation. We don’t expect them to compete in athletic events or run 25 K events.

Example, Biden, Pelosi, Adam (Pinocchio) Schiff, Ocasio Cortez, Kamala Harris, etc., have always left something to be desired as human beings and politicians who only are concerned about themselves and they personal welfare, consequently they only became worse as they aged.

Only the ignorant computer, cell phone nerds with the entitlement, victim mentality can’t and will not see the difference. Starting in the late 80’s and 90’s federal employees started an “unofficial” movement in gov’t that was to remove all employees over the age of 40, some magical number in their minds, particularly those in management and supervisor roles out and get the loser, left, dysfunctional incompetent dishonest younger people in those positions. Not because the older didn’t do their jobs, just the opposite, actually the complete opposite. They were the best, the older ones, were honest, wise, experienced, set the example and held dishonest employees accountable and replaced them with capable honest, loyal patriotic Americans. We essentially lost the best this country had to offer. That is why to day all our gov’t agencies are corrupt and destructive and now we have heads of agencies the same way. They are now in control and congress has enough like people in it there is little chance in changing that, even as we see ourselves going down the drain.

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