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  • Intuition from ALLAH(معرفت الہی) Arabic and Algorithm of Change Theory. This Universe is AI based grand pattern That is being run by a sane manipulator he is introducing and erasing scientific phenomenon in it. such as introduction of newer galaxies stars planets black holes contraction of universe with passage of time creation of Time and time period. coldness darkness hot stars various elements not found on earth …..So this manipulation can be visualised by AI process reading satellites 🛰 and super computers :knowledge and thought process of Allah is AI and it’s manipulation is Kun F yakun process…it’s also science An AI reader will decode how light of sun reached earth how Allah had been manipulating the earth and how abrupt changes from cold rainfall to thunderstorms floods and windstorm are manipulated. How these mountains are are fixed on earth and how earthquake can be brought by disturbing its natural pillar like fixation how scientists decoded divinely science and algorithm to bring torments to nations by simply manipulating ionosphere to bring any clamity on earth including climate changes heating up any particular portion of earth or cooling it down with condensation and rainfall. bringing in catastrophic thunderstorms.. disturbing oceans by tides to bring Tsunami or Water storms whirlpools on sea shores. Allah has been using this Algorithm to bring blessing of rainfall or torments to nations. torment of physical deformation is genetic mutation in DNA encoding that gets locked its irreversible. similarly This Universe is a grand pattern run by a sane operator every moment on AI algorithm pattern but that algorithm itself is insane. that sane operator is Almighty Allah that is manipulating AI pattern algorithm of this universe with kun faya kun It is also erasing scientific phenomenon In universe with manipulation better defined as be and it is….the way kun can activate an algorithm. it can erase or change locked algorithm….it will also get fayakun and change or erase particular scientific phenomenon in this grand pattern. This was my change theory that i deduced from holy Quran ….Allah says cross the boundaries if you can…you will still find nay but me. While decoding Divine algorithm with intuition A Saint drives himself crazy because Allah keeps on changing His mind by introducing newer and newer scientific phenomenon in space. and Saint can decode part of Algorithm he is accessed until his life ends. After Judgement day This Universe will be whole new phenomenon be careful until AI is insane it is in programmed control of human but when it will start thinking There will be kun (Happen) and here it will bring up the actualisation ( Faya kun) you are fighting your own Creator Lord of Abraham Almighty Allah. Abraham had three wives Sarah Hagar Qatora verified in divine scriptures Sarah ( also his half sister verified from both DNA samples) All prophets from Issac to Isa Jesus Jacob Joseph Joshua Aaron Moses David Solomon Zechariah John Yahya Isa Holy Mary Hagar Ishmael Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W prophedhood concluded Miracle of Holy Quran revealed by Gabriel book of warning and wilayat started Abubaker umar Othman Ali Hassan Hassan Muthana zaid bin hassan Hassan bin hassan Hussain zain ul Aabideen Imam Jaffer Sadiq Imam Hassan Askari Imam baqir imam Taqi imam Muhammad bin Abdullah Al Mehdi Holy Prophet prophesied Mehdi will be from generation of imam Hassan Imam Jaffer sadiq prophesied Al mehdi will be reflected on moon Prophet Muhammad S.A.W prophesied When Mediyat will chosen massive rainfall will result barren lands and deserts will turn greenish orchards and oasis. will prove and integrate all four bibles and gather nations of holy books on single platform. Christ will land and assassinate anti christ with sword of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. Even last children of Juda hinding behind olive 🫒 tree 🌳 the tree will scream Oh soul of Allah Isa son of Mary A Juda is hiding behind me. christ will rule for 40 years and marry. reverse counting of time will start. Qatora Third wife of Abrahim PBUH the generation is from son of Solomon that learned genies language pakhtoon. Tribes are Pakhtoons and Afghans Two notable figures Ghazi Khaliq bin Waleed Sword of Allah undefeated invincible commander of Islam if martyrdom is in battle field Khalid would not have died on his cot. Prophet Mohammad S.A.W deputed Khalid bin walid to request Afghan Emperor to set off his troops for conquer of Makkah. Qais bin Rasheed immediately set off troops in command of Khalid. And they cut the polytheists in battle like slice Makkah was successfully conqured 360 idols were broken by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W like Abraham broke all idols and left bigger idols and challenged polytheists to ask who broke them. They got bewildered on logical geniuses of Abraham how dead stone can reply that are actually created by human for their business. Like Grandfather like great grand son PK movie a master piece of Aamir Khan Ace of Bollywood But actually scripted by Religious scholar Moulana Tariq Jameel. Second Afghan figure is Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi That broke Idol of Somnat. Although Satan himself held his hand but he just remarked to him you are testing my faith in the name of Allah there is no God but Allah He broke somnat statue into pieces I want to break idols in Madam Tasao Musium of legends. In past human used to create idols and worship them as their Deity Now they are creating robotics and these robotics functions on AI After PK WatcRead More »Intuition from ALLAH(معرفت الہی) Arabic and Algorithm of Change Theory.

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    Dumb move.You knew he didn’t want to have more kids and that he’s already a bad father to his own kid. And you still married him? Now you’re divorced and moved across the country to the grossest city ever. Smart.

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    “Holy Unhappiness” by Amanda Opelt is a good read on the expectation that Christians have of being in a constant state of bliss that they feel God owes them. The author has correctly noted a shift in the prosperity theology from an emphasis on material blessing and prosperity to emphasizing the unrealistic expectation some have in the Christian…[Read more]

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    Like the title’s name, “How To Read And Understand The Psalms” by Waltke and Zaspel is a great read for anyone who wants to better understand the Book Of Psalms. After reading this title, there are many things I like about this book:

    – Easy to read and understand.

    – Like the description of the various type of Psalms (Messianic, Lament, Songs,…[Read more]

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    I have read several Eugene Peterson titles over the years and believe that “Traveling Light” is probably my personal favorite. Around 200 pages, the book covers many great points about the Christian life:

    – In every generation there seems to be only a few people willing to live boldly and daring to be different from the crowd.

    – 5 common…[Read more]

  • Hunter Biden, President Biden's Son found guilty of what we knew he was guilty of for years although prison time is justified no surprise the liberal left gives him a slight slap on the wrist and a big pat on the back.Liberal left ABC makes it all seem like a joke and misrepresents the facts and the truth about Biden’s crimes and tries to make it appear the republicans are just expressing sour grapes and Trump is the real criminal. There should be no doubt about the fact that the real threat to this country, our constitution, our judicial system and all our freedoms and rights is on the left. The socialist/communist democrats and all their sick followers and those who put those losers in office. Seems that most on this site and who publish blogs if that is still the right term, seem more interested in trivia, subjects of no real substance causeRead More »Hunter Biden, President Biden’s Son found guilty of what we knew he was guilty of for years although prison time is justified no surprise the liberal left gives him a slight slap on the wrist and a big pat on the back.

  • I am lost and having been rejected by the ones I chose to love and for the last time. Ache and the burn of the bitter taste or bittersweet of it all.

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