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  • there are some places i go, when my head is too scattered. its a cold place or warm when i need it

    and i feel like fire and oceans and rain

    and i cannot stop this kinda mind

    where it kinda rains

    and […]

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    quick write
    12:25 PM
    Monday August 30
    Everything is falling apart I’m losing control again

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  • This one will be devoted to everyone who lives in a chaotic city for a certain amount of time and still living.

    If you are in a big city, having an apartment downtown, or are concerned about the constant […]

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  • I am pretty sure everyone wanted to be some different version of themselves or another person at some point in their lives. It is just the nature of humanity and at that time there is a better alternative to […]

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  • One blog writing at a time. I am trying that for the time being. One piece for each day, reflecting thoughts, thinking about stuff, repeating for the next day.Fridays are always nice. I always have my small […]

  • A more direct thought related directly to a past incident:

    I never saw the essence or the purpose there is in a “freedom wall”. As a 1st grader, it was an odd experience to watch my seniors eagerly whip their pens out to scribble on a piece of paper that could have been any piece of paper, were it not posted on an exposed public space with dec…[Read more]

  • Ants love intruding into dinners and sipping wine that escaped the glass, but they will die when you pour an entire bottle overhead.

  • Does knowledge make us human? Perhaps it was the pursuit of it that made us so utterly detached from our nature of expected kindness, as those who know naught and have seen less are better suited to the mould of a whole heart, yet inevitability is represented by slaughter and carnage, and a desire to reign as opposed to coexistence.

  • This is my first blog and I don’t believe anyone will pay attention to it so I guess it is important to start honestly. Have you ever felt like you are doing everything you can and still feel drowning?Yeah, I […]

    • Hello Arik, welcome to thoughts.

      We live in a modern world where everything is moving at break-neck speed and has to be done yesterday! Time schedules rule most of us and determine where we should be at any given moment, and this process begins in childhood when the school time-table enters our lives and shapes our behaviour and expectations for the future. It’s no wonder people get depressed, the rat-race is unrelenting giving little oportunity for anyone to get off and breathe – to take a moment to absorb information and be able to process it before the next time table looms into view. It seems that we are in a constant state of playing catch up, trying to stay ahead of a game where rules put in place mean we can never really win, only take part in.

      You may need a time-out.

      Open spaces where you can reflect on days gone by and gain a positive perspective for the future.

    • Hi Jules,

      Thank you for the warm welcome.

      I agree that world turns very fast these days, we simply are focused on accomplishments instead of the success journey since everything should have been done yesterday every day. It is quite a dilemma for many people.

      I never mind the pace though, most of the time I enjoy challenge, I thrive on it and exceed expectations. The problem however lies on the fact that I am simply bored to carry on, and this situation bring more complexity since coming up with a quick solution is getting harder. However, I am confident to come up with a solution, my mentality doesn’t really make me stay down, I know I will get back up.

      Hope that you are fine and happy, thank you for reading my blog and have a nice day.

    • I like how you want to use your blogs to analyze yourself. Many people keep personal journals and reflect on them to help them move forward….to alter their paths…they journal for many reasons really.
      I am not a “blogger” in the sense of the word….but once in a blue moon ill read a blog or 2. I am the type of person who looks within to do my problem solving when they arrive. When I worked and work issues would arise I would sometimes go sit in my bosses office and ask him to just listen. As I talked and I could hear the situation ….the answers would all come to me. He knew I just needed a sounding board and I would always find my own solutions. I had wonderful bosses who understood me and my processes 😉
      I do know we all have different ways to deal with these curveballs life throws at us and I sure hope your blogging helps you.

      Welcome to Thoughts Arik 👋

      • Arik replied 3 weeks ago

        Thank you for reading Monica. Indeed, most of the time we forget to look at ourselves from another angle, therefore it is important to stop and stare once in a while.

        A very unique example of how you and your boss connect from time to time with your self-reflected speech approach. Thank you for sharing. I am hoping that blogging thoughts will at least take some of the weight off my shoulders.

        Have a nice day and thank you for the warm welcome.

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    “The Integration Of Psychology And Christianity” is a good and thought-provoking read on as the title mentions – combining Christianity and Psychology. The book is around 180 pages and some of the topics covered include:

    – 5 viewpoints of Christ in the culture.

    – Types of integration.

    – Recommendations for Christian who are considering using…[Read more]

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