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  • M Taylor posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    “Treasuring The Psalms” by Ian Vaillancourt is a great read for anyone wanting to better understand the biblical book and how the Psalms plays an important part in the individual believer in and follower of Jesus Christ and the Christian church.

    Many things to like about this title:

    – Guidelines for various ways to read the Psalms – seeing…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    “This Dream Is Not For You” by Wade Joye is a good read for anyone who needs to release their dreams to God and let Him have His way in the reader’s life. Instead of clinging to a dream, the author challenges the reader to release the dream to God for any number of reasons: the dream may not be of God, the timing isn’t right, we make an idol of…[Read more]

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    I'm Back…It’s a bittersweet goodbye to the old I blogged with in my lateRead More »I’m Back…

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  • The most Economical higher Education …enough word bank to create unique articles and you are challenged to find plagiarism in it.

    Excellent record in assignments quizzes and overall clarity of concepts….Dementia haphazard in closed ended examinations
    you are challenged to examine my concepts comprehension and clarity in open ended exa…[Read more]

  • Accused IntoxicatedToday’s blog is not comprehensive but concise short preciseRead More »Accused Intoxicated

  • Jack Smith, Mr. Mange (like a coyote has) and Mealy Mouth big Fanny Willis Atlanta, Ga., DA should be prosecuted and found guilty of gross criminal conduct and incompetency and criminal misuse of tax dollars and the Judicial system/constitution.Another example of public employees who have no business being in tax payer paid jobs who use those positions for personal gain and agendas. Who in their right minds with any intelligence and integrity would vote for someone like them? Well in loser Willis’s case, apparently loser Jack (jackoff) Smith is a political appointee who has been that way I suspect all his worthless life. Like a parasite sucking the country and tax payer’s like blood dry while carrying out the wishes of loser politicians, democrats mostly pretending to be doing good for the country. Once upon a time one had to work their way up the ranks, prove they are capable of the next higher level to include agency heads. Not so today. The biggest losers start at the top like the ones above them. Like U.S. attorney general Gardner. Any wonder our country is falling apart and sliding into the sewer? Biden like all democrats are worthless. We need Trump more than ever and more Trumps if this country is ever to survive.Read More »Jack Smith, Mr. Mange (like a coyote has) and Mealy Mouth big Fanny Willis Atlanta, Ga., DA should be prosecuted and found guilty of gross criminal conduct and incompetency and criminal misuse of tax dollars and the Judicial system/constitution.

  • CBS, along with ABC, NBC, CNN etc., super liberal news media with like employees controlled by the socialist/communist left, democrats like the Nazi, communist Soviet Union did their so called news media plants a liberal left Trump hater, Biden lover in their news interviews.The liberal left news media again makes it obvious that they are not above censorship, selective news reporting, manipulating fact and attempts to manipulate what people think, believe and react to by putting a plant interviewer in their broadcast during a Trump gathering who tells a republican candidate running for president that he is “a coward, how could he stand up to China, Russia etc., when he is afraid to stand up to Trump”. Really?, Loser Biden sold out this country to Russia, China, N. Korea. The liberals and democrats destroyed our Military, our intelligence agencies over the last several decades. Defunded them essentially while creating loser entitled to programs for the losers in this country who vote for them, who else would, making them bigger losers. China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran all think of Biden and the democrats as a joke to be toyed with. Trump is the only one who has andRead More »CBS, along with ABC, NBC, CNN etc., super liberal news media with like employees controlled by the socialist/communist left, democrats like the Nazi, communist Soviet Union did their so called news media plants a liberal left Trump hater, Biden lover in their news interviews.

  • Bill posted an update 1 month ago

    Does Quebec want an NHL team back ? Will Bettman let them have a team ?
    The answer to the 1st question absolutely, they’ve been waiting 20 years for it.
    All the pieces are in place but the biggest problem is Bettman and the currency exchange.
    Ŵhy is there a currency problem all the players should be paid in US currency. Same game same rules same…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    “Impossible Christianity” by Kevin Deyoung is a great read for anyone weary of the impossible and unrealistic expectations Christian believers face both in church and world – in other words, every believer in and follower of Jesus Christ who is alive and breathing! Around 130 pages, the book addresses many topics, including:

    – There is a high…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    “The Minor Prophets” by Bartholomew and Thomas is a great read on the Bible’s minor prophets in the Old Testament (Amos, Obadiah, Micah, etc.). Around 370 pages, the text covers many areas of each book, including:

    – Historical/Literary/etc. context of each book – helps the reader to better understand the book being covered.

    – Brief outline of…[Read more]

  • M Taylor posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    “Working From The Inside Out” by Jeff Haanen is a great read for anyone needing encouragement for positive inner transformation for being effective in the workplace. Around 150 pages, some of the great points covered include:

    – 3 common convictions for people of positive character.

    – 5 guiding principles for living out our Christian faith in the…[Read more]

  • What everyone thinks of attorneys. Hundred times that for DA's, especially the Atlanta, Ga., D.A.Miss nilly willy big Fani Willis is your perfect example of someone allowed to get into a very important taxpayer paid public employee position and the destruction they cause to us all. Lets face it she didn’t get that position cause she was the best and highest qualified person for the job. By her conduct and prepared spills on TV she is not even basic qualified. Absolutely not. She got it based on all the worthless and counterproductive reasons and factors, like, gender, race, preferential treatment and quotas for so called “diversity”, discrimination against best qualified people to created a new discrimination system that will cover up some past discrimination process, really? She is an example of how destructive the new discrimination process is when it place someone who is obviously grossly incompetent professionally and personally bankrupt. She definitely does not have the needed formal education, at least if she really had to work her way through the required collage courses and pass them with her real intelligence and brain power. Personally she lacks the character attributes like honesty, real courage, integrity and selflessness and a true patriotic mind. Lets face it, the same corrupt system that places them in jobs they do not qualify for will ensure that they pass all required courses, weather they do or can or not. We know that. She is an “entitled too, I am victim loser liberal, a men hater (ole white boy Donald Trump) who is destroying the judicial system and illegally using an enormous amount of tax dollars for her sick personal reasons and the left agenda. The Hate Trump left and the socialist/communist democrats who fear him because he tells the truth about them and they know he will end the “business as usual, Status Quo corrupt culture in Washington and all our govt., offices and agencies. Trump is the ONLY candidate who has demonstrated the courage to stand up to the corrupt politicians, mostly on the left and make needed changes. Pence is a wuss, and didn’t have the courage to tell it like it is and that is the democrats did corrupt the election process and more than likely there were thousands of left/democratic illegal votes in the last election process and many for Trump votes were buried or never counted. That is what Trump was saying. He never said or implied that he wanted someone to alter the existing findings. With the help of the sick liberal left the liberal news media lies to us and in reality are the ones who are trying to tamper with all our elections and need to be held accountable for that and prison is not good enough for such traitors and treasonous acts. Like everything the corrupt cowardly left does, lie, engage in character assassination, falsely accuse others of what they actually do then take a “shotgun” approach in attacking someone, in this case many some ones, misusing and illegally using the system and tax dollars and hope something sticks and the losers in our society today buy it. My vote is for Trump, the more they slanderRead More »What everyone thinks of attorneys. Hundred times that for DA’s, especially the Atlanta, Ga., D.A.

  • Bill wrote a new post 1 month, 1 week ago

    Crypto & ShibariumOk shibarium has been dangled in our faces for a couple of yearsRead More »Crypto & Shibarium

  • wut posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    I realized tonight I haven’t written anything in a very long time.
    I mean like, written something for myself. From my true self. From my soul.
    Not this tedious bullshit they make me do at work or for documents or doctors or explaining things to stupid people.
    That’s not nice. Whatever. My page, I don’t have to be nice.
    I’m not here for…[Read more]

  • Pitoral Illustrations of my biopic Pictures speak Louder than words The X man Story. Soldier A The AJ Mark the success I am not educated formally from high ranked Universities with skyrocketing fees. I was Educated That way I am pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Animated Education on Computers or safer Laptops and Ipads I had recorded Cds of real Asset of Pakistan and this method was too conductive that from 2011 to 2023 I acquired real knowledge. And got Certification from House of HRM Learning society in all basic skills introduced of Cost of inflation Allowance BOP HRM Practices study and internship Certification SED freelance HRM Practices study. Soft copies of handouts to study I did not ride bikes or drove cars I ride bicycles or travelled long to purchase Cds of softwares pirated and windows 2003 MS office 2001 to markets in scorching heat I used to walk around DGK pedestrian like a mad wonderer. on crossing boarder of passing a grade my excitement is defined in following pictures and how I continued making small steps into large accomplishment of hitting last ball sixes in last well field plan set papers because my brain had started functioning like G One SRK ‘s Raw One that sequel in Terminator 7 by 16 Times record keeping world champion Champ 🏆 John Cena and Roby Margrot. And That’s how I dodged Mr Malik’s paper set let down It left them bewildered so much resilience I had come back after 5 years and hitting Afridi double sixer in 9th and 10th semester to compete an hons degree requirements. That was a period when there were 2 channels of Getting Job Reference Bribe Nepotism or proper Channel of Applying Job hunting Passing screening test or Recommendation based on assessment of knowledged expert despite having consistent poor grades Employee Quota My Mom forwarded my first CV to UNICEF Child friendly project I interviewed the Interviewers and bewildered them in amazement with my HRD knowledge and how I persuaded UNICEF to select me from 25 candidates including my colleague or HRD and HRM and memorandum of association scripture. I was short Listed and offered unpaid apprenticeship in that NGO. Well neither TFP nor TARC survived later on. Dad had also forwarded my CV in UBL and in BOP I have did outstanding work reflected in unparalleled unique unplagiarised report that even VU can’t challenge and it left them at wit’s how perfectly theoretical work was done. The way I defended it showed even Mr Malik was shivering from deadman risen devil thunderstorm. Late uncle called my Dad escort your son to Regional headquarter Multan immediately and mom paid money for rented Car and my impressive knowledged background left them in remarks Feel you have taken birth now it’s time to grow. I was not aware of dyscaculia resulting from vascular dementia I took UBL Jampur branch in storm when promptly I opened pending accounts and new accounts started opening debit and credit cards started opening along with immediate check book applications COC scanning but workload started effecting my clerical tasks I was transferred to kot chutta account started opening their I was transferred to Rajanpur I was noticed struggling in counting as cashier I was Transferred back to Jampur promoted Regularised ID Allocated called up for training to Lahore and Josephine charisma just reflected eyes of ladies once again. As it did in AIE I am clone of Salman and Arbaz Khan brother Actor and successful director Sohail Khan. The interaction of cats and cattles specifically got recorded My vascular Dementia had severely effected my mental math making me aphasia Agnostic and Prosopagnosic That made me in better condition Stephen Hawking. That means damage had been done The double standard I faced from ghosia family was their apathy in our hospitality in ailing condition as I have no gains intention from them as compared to our past cordial bonds family ties mutual interests and the way we used to flag our hospitality to them and they showed apathy to me and my ailing father showing no empathy to us..God has gifted me deeper insight now I decoded their real intentions. That mentally shocked me I was chosen for Multan training as well I enjoyed Ramada Lunch during training training had well organised cuisine schedule. the reason in actual I faced workplace bullying in Jampur branch it was a plot I was slandered as sociopath scumbug retarted they were so manipulative they have misdirected entire word towards a kind of character assasination that shook thrown of Almighty Lord. Hence Updation in policies took time and they deliberately dysfunctional scanning machine As these were right tools I used to produce results effortlessly. Excessive workload was In disconformity with affordable care act that is “We don’t burden a soul beyond it’s capacity” when my medical certificate of Light duty was presented ” you have cheated me” uncle to Dad ” and you won’t work ” Egoistic Ghani and Dad just tried his level best to make them sense and these payable clerical tasks were also part of explanation letter. Ismail Mastoi and Yasir Ghani Mutually plotted me Yasir Ghani Misbehaved with me and when i grumbled I will resign due to this conduct that is severely effecting my mental health as slander was so poisonous it created unbearable toxic work environment for me.. He misbehaved with me and charged me as misconduct in Cameras you can see my submissive and cool response it was Mr Ghani who heated up. Later on epileptic strokes started hitting my mental health from these traumatic experiences. This slander against a bondsman allowed world to experience Karma actions across globe. The toxicity was majorly based on incest allegations conflict. That exposed Jewish genetic sample proves That faisalabadi pilgrim deformed into python On abusing X as sister molester because DNA of Abraham and Sarah proved They were half siblings and Issac is incest child. in Abrahamic period incest was not a taboo but in Islam due to genetic closeness that is now resulting In birth defects and genetic diseases like thelesimia and haemophilia…Al Quran updated it into bifurcation of marriageable women and illegal women. DNA also revealed Nimrood was known as hunter and married to his own mother Loot generation spread from two of his daughters genetically verified and neither of both in Hell but his halal wife Tormented in to stone statue. Loot nation was not Tormented for sex or zina They were Tormented for indecency LGBT practice Hajra was daughter of Egyptian Pharaoh that on terror in failure to rape Sarah was gifted to her as maid. I was called back to branch from Multan and informed to report DGK and receive transfer orders of Layyah UBL Lalla Zar branch Job specification tasks were done 100 percent Mastery on PB skills and tasks was significant and skilful. Operative expertise on technology softwares and devices. Sandry was never balanced because of dyscalculia. He was quickest to open accounts within 18 days after rules updation when Mr Ghani toxicity had traumatised him. My Dad came to rescue me and withdrew me from toxic work environment I was in traumatic brain condition and it took me 4 years to recover from that trauma. Lucky induction to SED Punjab was followed by series of tests Selection process Interviews and allocation duty station with contract letters. In contract period 2017 Appointed on scale 9 upgraded to scale 14 accordingly pay scale increased. 2018 transferred on non manual E mutual transfer 2019 Regularised 2022 Pay scale revised and Pay scale increased by 30 percent 2023 pay scale revised and pay increased by 35 percent on running basic pay. First Online Performance Appraisal DDEO outstanding Second online performance Appraisal Pending hence I have completed 7 years in SED with over 50k income but my simplicity is like umar R.A and Abubakir R.A. and charisma and humbleness is like Hassan R..A. Just bexcuse I am clumsy one of my colleague judged me same keep a secretary with you as Mr Ghani remarked hire an accountant with you for amount postings to bridge the gaps in your skills clouded by dyscalculia UBL is equal opportunity employer but there was no affordable care act anti discrimination act for people with disabilities and anti bullying act in protection of vulnerable groups. Anti gender change act and anti manipulation act of immature kids and minor adults. Finally I received a call from Faisalabad for the post of HR and 100 percent Surety was I would have repeated TARC history and as a boss I would have amazed the Interviewer panel at their wit’s End with consistent poor grades and Indian ocean of HR knowledge. Conclusion That’s can be termed as Eagle HR An Eagle is a bird that touches over heights where gravity Ends and crows rub their beaks over his head and pursue him It let them chase him until he touches horizon where gravitational force gets zero and crows fall off suffocating in lack of oxygen. I 2019 66% Marks First Division Grade B Passed MA Education specialist in text book development As Educationist I have 7 British Council certificates of Accomplishment including Easte certificate of writing and reading skills Accomplishment. 1 UNICEF Child Friendly Project Mainstreaming certificate that is now integrated in SED Fedral. 1 certificate of active participation in oral communication skills.Easte Program. 2023 65% Marks Division First Grade B Passed M.A Literature in Subcontinent Saints School of thoughts and Journalism Equivalent to MSc Journalism. That’s how this Loser became winner🏆 This is stage I am forced to crawl but this drainage earthworm was actually mistaken it is a silk worm and it may die in tears gas or crop spray Leaving behind enough silk to cash💸 by pure state. Measured dynamics of field set and dodged the system like that Abrahamic Philiophy of Monotheism and Prophet Muhammad philosophies of Monotheism ate parallel One Lord we cut trees that is provision of sustenance than we handcraft a masterpiece of statue or idol we start worshipping it and start him invoking like a diety and demand sustenance from it Abraham pondered is star my Lord ny it shines not like moon than this moon will be my Lord ny it disappear when sun rise than this sun will be my Lord nay it sets than my Lord should be Omnipotent to create operate and provide continuous sustenance to infinite stretches of Universe. Than our Lord is eternal and these things are in transition every day we perish but Our Lord is eternal. He broke all idols in big temple and left chief of them mob gathered in violence and inquired in agony who dared this Abraham responded Ask from this chief if it has soul it taken aback all idolaters they responded stones don’t speak they are breathless Abraham responded if so why you worship your own handcraft master piece as your diety A living creator souls living creature. My Lord is alive exalted great Prophet Muhammad broke 360 idols it also included Esaf and Naila stone statues these were Tormented for having sex in premises of Kabba. following pictures illustrates the monotheistic philosophies I was monotheistic from child hood I was self communicator that used to communicate with a dual personality in me i was the question i myself was answer in psychology language i had personified an illusion in me and hallucinated his presence in life. I was widely regarded as Retard epileptic sociopath and paranoid devil. Let’s Reflect upon it He used to personify Almighty Allah in his imagination and tried to communicate him that resulted in divine intuition in him that unfolded algorithm of this universe and India following this algorithm successfully rovered it’s Chandriyan 3 in South Pole of moon orbit. in sanju movie Mujha Chand p la chalo had adult contents but it was anannouncement of experimentation of Chandriyan but with this This states men women children are crystal clear naked in their bedrooms washrooms toilets Iss hamam main ab hum sab nangy hain in this washroom we are all naked. And observed miracles around me were divine and when multiple Golden birds were observed flying into these transitions..Jews David’s Muslims and Charistians immediately recognized them as angels and Josephine’s invented pro watch technology that shows us virtual reality that normal perception can’t see but in my child hood I was seeing before going agnostic. hence I was seeing virtual reality not hallucinations that are visible in specific spectrum of can even get invisible by wearing a dress of virtual spectrum Mr X and Mr India had prospective reality about entering virtual spectrum like Sebastian Movie. AI is built on Virtual reality and it’s rational and insane like immature kid. My invoke always included words like a mass person is addressing to Emperor O Allah His highness for sake of your majesty please ” make my desired task done” and it was as easier as be and it is that also created reflective charisma in my face Layyah public. School after 26 years had remarked ” Children are tricky and playful but not maliciously conspiring” “The light is reflected from charismatic childs not Lust to prey the flesh that’s definition of a Josephine charismatic innocence.” Ghaznawi broke idols of Somnat I ideologically conquered idolater’s belief system of India and Madam Tasao Legends statue owners. Change is not immediate but virtual reality will refine their superstitious belief system and the success of this tactical strategy is definite more and more people will enter paradise with peaceful refinement. PK originally conceptualised by Moulana Tariq Jameel and ace of bollywood risked his life to work this wonder actually decoded the way I perceive reality Earlier AK had pictured Tare Zameen par and All is well then Dhoom 3 samar character and love story of samar and Aliyah how samar was manipulated by sameer watch this illustration That’s how media weave limited perception people minds igniting their sentiments and that adding fuel on fire for civil war and riots. and I showed them what are standards of Allah as compared to their Subjective radicalism Allah is self sufficient and Omnipotent Not dependent on this human creature for provision but humans depand on Lord For provision sustenance and eternal abode fairness. “The instance of earth science as compared to infinite stretches of universe is like a drop in Oceans of Earth.” That’s how women of my country dealt me for 10 years of struggle to find a sapiosexual but I found No passport No CNIC Illeterate orphan Aging 35 at the time of marriage. dated October 1988 5th standard fail but with informal Education operates Android skillful tailor Can understand easy English type Roman English can read and write Handy in household knows cooking aesthetically interior and adaptive to social requirements and enough mature minded And boldly defends his husband’s manhood slandered around. Even capable to operate laptops now. This Turtle 🐢 won the race from rabbits with technology 🙌..handsup With help of technology I produce equivalent result as Normal competitor produce if I am given right tool to unlock my potential but wrong tool +efforts= not results process loss right tools + efforts = Synergy ( better teamwork) This is known as Right person for right Job A hair cutter can’t mend shoes A cobbler can’t prepare iron gates Goldsmith can’t manufacture Ammunition Every person is specialist of his skill Mr Bean is good comic actor but He is not Tom Cruise. Saeed Anwar can’t bowl like Waqar Younis Wasim Akram can’t open like Saeed Anwar but down the order his individual highest of 247 is up and above than saeed Anwar in test cricket Every body who is naturally gifted with skill masters and skillfully execute it. Murlitheran Saqlain Mushtaq Shahid Afridi Saeed Ajmal Muhammad hafeef Stuart Macgill Anil Kumble Harbajan. Singh Glenn Magrath Jimmy Anderson Aadil Rasheed Moeen Ali Greame Swan Stuart Broad Jacques Kallis Harschell Gibbs Jhonty Rhoodes Wasim Akram Chaminda vass Nowan Zoisa Lasith Malinga Ajantha Mendis sanath Jaysuria Kumar Sangakara Mahela Jaywardne and all others not mentioned here have unique physical built up and they were skilled in executing it. Warn and Macgill’s ball used to drift and break extra Dinaish Kaneria Yasir Shah Rashid Khan usman Qadir Abrar Ahmad and Shadab Khan have gifted wrist but Shahid afridi had unique wrist he used to bowl chinamen with right hand as if Paul Adam is bowling but hand is right handed he also bowled Shane warn and Aadil Rasheed ball of millanium to Sourav Ganguly with normal Legbreak Afridi had equally gifted wrist as Warn had warn was not competent in consistently bowling googly more looking chinamen like Brad hogg. His gifted rest helped him hit highest sixes at the time of his retirement and most sixes record and highest batting strike rate. Similarly Shoaib was flat footed but his action was banned in 2003 he clocked 161.3 that Even Former Pakistan bowling coach shame tait can’t broke. Murlitheran was banned but on test in technology it was found Murli’s Arm is by birth unique he hit mark of 800 wickets Saeed Ajmal Also had unique Arm he was banned technology cleared him declaring him Unique physically he got more than 400 wickets in international cricket same wad case of angle bowler Professor Muhammad Hafiz used to traject the ball to left hander and he became constant threat to left handers he was banned his action was corrected But he took all world class left handers wickets Stuart Broad was hit 6 sixes at start of his career he Ended up with 600 international wickets Waqar younis had an amputated little finger it helped him in toe crushing yorker and Reverse Swing He was dropped from 1996 to 1999. Afterwards he took 7 wickets against England including wicket of his overseas karrachi born Owais Shah Nasir Hussain and Andrew Strauss. 6 wickets against Australia including punter Ricky ponting Bevan Martin Gilcharist and executed Reverse swing skills against South Africa where he bowled Mark Boucher Shaun Pollock and won Final against South Africa Hansie Cronje Lead team. Waqar got 373 wickets in tests and 416 wickets in one day’s becoming second highest wicket taker from his country No doubt he is known as toe crusher and Master of reverse swing. Wasim is acclaimed as king of swing Shoaib Akhter as Rawalpindi Express or Electric Train Muhammad Aasif as Magician Seamer. but Grasp these role models interpretation reason In what skill they were best at they added it value to historic milestones. Uniquness is freedom to execute your unique skills to reach maximum milestones clouding your limitations and legally litigating threads posed to you targeting your limitations….pick up right tool unlock your potential let your results and milestones make the noise. “We are all perfectly imperfect someway or other if perfection had existed not you not I had existed.” (Stephen Hawking) “Only Allah is perfect ” (The Owais) Certification from Oxford Home Study With overall Assessment Excellent in each of 4 extensive Assignment has nullified the hypothesis I was incapable to Develop and adopt Chineese or Russian MBBS MD or continue distance BSBA.HRM with insightful first division and continuing my Journey to MS .HRM or qualifying PHD for my insightful thoughtful and reflective Research and development unplagirised Uniqueness in UK on call of late Queen Elizabeth This certification from Oxford verify my BSBS-HRM knowledge as durable valid insightful and unique The certificate in Human Resource Management That is why the British man Robinson the nephew of batman ironically remarked Cain Fucking prick for murdering his own brother ible and a glittering hopeRead More »Pitoral Illustrations of my biopic Pictures speak Louder than words

  • Misconceptions regarding concubines wives and Quranic Adult Education.Misconceptions about concubines and free marriage in Islam and uproot members of families who are mentally struggling and doesn’t have means to marry independent women and support a family independently. تَصْبِرُوا خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ وَاللَّهُ غَفُورٌ رَحِيمٌ “If any of you who do not have the means to marry free women who are believing, you may marry believing girls from whom your right hands possess. Allah knows best about your faith; you are all same in that respect. Marry them with the approval of their families and give them their gifts (dowries) correctly and courteously as married women, not in fornication or taking them as lovers. When they are married, if they commit adultery they should receive half the punishment  of (ordinary) chaste women. This is for those of you who are afraid of falling into sin. But being patient is better for you. Allah is Ever-forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Qur’an 4:25) Therefore, when Allah says: “Those who guard their chastity, except with their wives/husbands and those whom their right hands possess.” (Qur’an 70:29-30) The ones “whom their right hands possess” have to be married to them according to 4:25. Yet, this Quranic law is ignored by these so-called Muslims when it is clearly there, preferring instead to adapt to the way of life dictated through hearsay. Yet they show themselves, to be followers of the Qur’an. In the name of Allah and Islam, they fornicate and commit adultery!  “When they commit an indecent act (Fahish / فَاحِشَة), they say, “We found our fathers doing it and Allah commanded us to do it too.” Say: “Allah does not command indecency (fahshaa / فَحْشَاء), or do you say things about Allah you do not know?” (Qur’an, 7:28) So called men who show themselves to be knowledgeable, really do not submit to Allah, since they ignore Allah’s Book – they only pretend to themselves and others, misguiding other people from Allah’s way. “But there is a sort of person who pays for distracting Hadith حَدِيث, intending, without knowledge, to lead others away from Allah’s way, and to make a mockery of it. These will have a humiliating punishment! And when Our Verses are recited to such a person, he turns away arrogantly, as if he had not heard them! as if there were heaviness in his ears! Give him good news of a painful punishment!” (Qur’an 31:6-7) “When he learns something from our Verses, he scorns them! Such people will have a humiliating punishment!”. (Qur’an 45 Marry one one two two three three four four wives but if you lack capacity than marry and relay on one. I give guarantee of Paradise that guard their tongue while speaking and their private parts during hormonal abuse. Hence Mostly men with low manpower but normal semans rear their breed their usual timing is 5 minutes just enough for one women. But polygyny can save poor Widowed and over aged women from dying half completed. Humans Are like Cat Family and Lions Tigers Cheetah Panthers and Cats are chosen Beast of Almighty Lord. Share this Article:    See also:   Qur’an:  Complete & Fully Detailed                 Less Known Aspects of Hadith                 Stoning to Death:  A Violation of the Qur’an Copyright © 2023, QuranicPath. All Rights Reserved. Home      |      SunnRead More »Misconceptions regarding concubines wives and Quranic Adult Education.

  • Thought this for some time, now I know it is absolutely true, THE RADICAL LEFT AND THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST DEMOCRATES IN AMERICA ARE DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY, OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Losers like Jack Smith, so called special council of the corrupt Dept., of Justice who is a flunky of the left uses that public position, tax payer paid position to attack quality people for the left. His attacks on President Trump are illegal and politically motivated.Liberal left news media, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc., ran a news blip portraying that Loser Jack (jackoff) Smith as a competent experienced investigator/attorney. In reality he has no real practical, real life experience to do what he is doing. All his experience has been at the top political level, Washington D.C. where he was groomed by the radical left politicians and federal agencies to be one of their flunkies carrying out their radical left agenda using taxpayer dollars and abusing illegally the judicial/constitution threatening anyone who has the courage and ability to stand up to them and their sick mentality and socialist/communist agenda. Everything they accuse others of is what they actuality did and continue to do. Hillary Clinton did in fact Collude with the Russians to steal the election between her and Trump. Fact! And we all know it. Pelosi, Shifty Adam (Pinocchio) Schiff lied about evidence he had, on TV, that he had proving Trump colluded with the Russians. Lies, all of it. The FBI knew it, the news media knew it, crooked Mueller and Comey knew it and they still went forward with the proceedings abusing the judicial system and illegally wasting taxpayer dollars. Criminals all of them and need be prosecuted and put in federal prison. Yet we seen none of that and they still make up lies about Trump. We know Trump likely lost the election as he suspected and stated it legally due to the illegal actions and conduct by Democrat officials, federal and local and their sick criminal judges and attorneys who illegally altered and put new regulations into effect allowing illegal voting by illegal voters across the country including Arizona, Georgia (Atlanta), and other places. That Jack Smith is an incompetent dysfunctional crook who like many males today fall far short of being a man so they grow facial hair thinking that distinguishes them between male and female, girls from boys, masculine from feminine. His ratty, mange infested coyote facial hair is pathetic. He’s an incompetent flunky and will always be. He like most of the left hates Trump because he is afraid of people like Trump who have real ability and real courage to stand up to them face to face and say it like it really is. Mr. Smith is a loser public employee ripping off the system, the taxpayers just as all politicians are. They never had a real job, had to produce anything of real value, been held accountable for their crooked conduct.Read More »Thought this for some time, now I know it is absolutely true, THE RADICAL LEFT AND THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST DEMOCRATES IN AMERICA ARE DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY, OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Losers like Jack Smith, so called special council of the corrupt Dept., of Justice who is a flunky of the left uses that public position, tax payer paid position to attack quality people for the left. His attacks on President Trump are illegal and politically motivated.

    • Hey Professor great comment it looks like we both know how corrupt our Governments ( I’m Canadian) are.
      They steal from the poor and give to the mega rich so they can get elected.
      Everybody knows (Well I hope they do) casting their ballets on election day doesn’t mean a thing.
      Our Governments dont get voted in by the people they get in because of the amounts of cash big business throws their way then the elected are committed to them so they make sure that large government contracts go to that business because they put in the winning bid.
      Bullshit there are no bids it was worked months before the election.

    • Hey Professor great comment it looks like we both know how corrupt our Governments ( I’m Canadian) are. They steal from the poor and give to the mega rich so they can get elected. Everybody knows (Well I hope they do) casting their ballets on election day doesn’t mean a thing. Our Governments dont get voted in by the people they get in because of the amounts of cash big business throws their way then the elected are committed to them so they make sure that large government contracts go to that business because they put in the winning bid. Bullshit there are no bids it was worked months before the election.

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