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  • Well, today, I found out I am too young.  What for you ask?  Well, in Louisiana, I am apparently too young to received the vaccine for Covid-19 right now.  It seems that the Governor and his advisors in th […]

    • I’m also considered too young for the vaccine right now, but, I am also considered a medically vulnerable person so come mid February I should be offered my first dose.

      Fingers crossed.

    • Yeah, I live in Louisiana as well. Im definitely way too young to get the vaccine. Im probably one of the youngest people on this site.

    • My Mom & Dad received their first Covid Immunization shot last week 🥳
      I appreciate my sister so much for making sure my parents make it to their appointments and scheduling their Covid immunization. My mother is a retired nurse so she did her research on this vaccination before deciding that she wanted this one. I on the other hand really like the way the AstraZenica vaccine sounds. But that still has not been released as far as I know. Which is ok…because I don’t know when my turn in line will come.

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  • I wish I could hand them all a fluffy pillow & a cup of hot tea 🍵

    • All this for one moment of national insanity.

      • Yes! We could have had this on the “day of insanity” but some people in the White House didn’t think it would “look” good.

    • And a warm blanket. Bless each and every one of them. I heard yesterday that at least 20,000 National Guard members are expected to be in Washington D.C. for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, which is roughly four times more than the amount of troops currently in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

      • Uh huh… sister has been moved to a smaller base and smaller living quarters in Afghanistan since bases have been closing over there.
        Just seeing these soldiers sleeping there to keep everyone safe gave me such a feeling of good and warmth.

    • Are these the National Guard gathered in the Capitol to keep our Congresspersons safe? If so, give ’em a blanket and pillow for me. 🙂

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    As above, then so below
    Not so true right now
    In height I find the solace
    That only a dream will allow
    I know I am not alone
    As I watch the clouds go by
    It’s so safe and serene up here
    In my imaginary city in the sky

  • Rep. Andy Kim on going viral for picking up trash at Capitol: ‘If something is broken, we can work to fix it’

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts ‘Failed Leader’ Trump, Compares Capitol Riot To Nazi Violenc […]

    • Brave men, one man working to make things better, the other speaking out.

    • I would like to point out what I should have mentioned in the original – that both these gentlemen are immigrants.

  • Agreed that all capital rioters need punishment, but more importantly we must insure that it does not happen again.  As Cato the Younger warned

    “Other crimes you may punish after they have been committed; but […]

    • It was scary what happened at the Capitol. I do believe these people should be punished to help preventing this from becoming something more. What is really disappointing is that Trump basically encouraged this.

  • WE the people need to call our Internet Provider’s and tell them we are thinking of Cancelling because we can t’ go to these sites fackebook/ twitter they kicking people off and why pay to have Internet when we […]

    • Hmmmm, I don’t know about that….🤔

    • I have no problem with my internet service that I pay a pretty penny for. BUT….if I DID I would find another provider. In todays world we have OPTIONS.
      I use to live up in the mountains where we use to only have satellite internet and even there you had other satellite providers you could opt for if you were not happy with one.
      And if canceling is what you want to do…..DO IT.
      I don’t understand whining about something when you CAN do something about it. But thats just me 😉

    • Individual companies have the right to choose who they do business with. And it is even more true that when a service is provided free, the business has the right to limit what people say on their platform. Both Facebook, and from all that I have heard, Twitter, is free to the user.

      I believe we should either obey the rules at the platform we are on, or go elsewhere. Perhaps you could find a group that agrees with your and form your own service and not require those who don’t want to have to accept the free-for-all behavior that caused Facebook and Twitter to ban people.

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  • A few days ago, someone asked me if water is wet. My automatic response was

    “Of course not. Water is not wet. Water makes things wet.”

    But later that day, I began to wonder if my answer was actually […]

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  • I started commenting on the possibility of the latest actions of Trump about a year ago in hopes people would get it and just put up with him. Boy, was I wrong!

    Here is a montage depicting the start of when it […]

    • Trump just won’t accept the fact that he lost the election. His whole life he has always gotten everything he wanted. But now he doesn’t get what he wants and he goes crazy about it. I was a Trump fan, but I still do believe that Joe Biden won this election.

      • It’s good to see people actually say this. I know many republicans who support the party and don’t agree with Trump or his actions. You have an open mind ….and that’s a good thing.

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