• Over the years I have read several Christian-related books and just recently completed this gem. After reading this title, I chastised myself for not reading the book earlier.

    The book is vintage Tozer – insightful, penetrating, and uncompromising – just like his other titles.

    Among the important points Tozer covers include:

    1. We pursue God…[Read more]

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  • …………….because I genuinely care for black people

    Black Lives Matter is only about police brutality once every 4 years. In between, they’re heavily pushing for leftist and LGBTQ agendas. They are fueling the […]

  • I have another blog that I am going through and reading and checking out some things that have sat there in the background for literally years. Some as old as 2014 or 2013 even. Some of it is music that I […]

    • LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink…..and LOVE Nate Ruess and love this song. Great taste. And of course…..Meghan Trainor rocks.

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  • It’s getting really obvious these days, a few bad cops can ruin a day. And proper screening is a chore. Not that it could solve everything. There’s some basic psychological problem, whether it’s soldiers or cops, […]

    • I think a step in the right direction is body cams that are required to be on at all times when interfacing with the public…on a call. That way all police would have evidence that they didn’t abuse people without proper cause. Some of those recently have been reported to have had body cams but had turned them off. Now what is the deal with that?

      There is also a systemic problem with training and community/police connection. I am perhaps now considered “old fashioned” but i still think there is nothing that is better than people from within the community, with a vested interest in the well being of said community, serving as police. Too many times, these abuse cases have been where the police person was from two towns over and didn’t have any association, beyond the job, with the community. I think that is dangerous.

      • They need to make the body cams where you can not turn them off or the volume off. I worked under cameras my whole life… get use to it and you forget its there when you know you have nothing to hide.

    • I think its pure CRAZINESS when people talk about defunding the police. WE NEED THE POLICE. Our society is not a calm peaceful one. We still have rapes…robberies…assaults….murders…. mass shootings.
      I think we just need to make becoming a cop a more lengthy process with more test to pass….maybe require a degree or two. We double possibly triple their income because we are going to expect perfect human beings for these jobs. Training in counseling….a perfect marksman who can swiftly shoot to unarm not kill if necessary. MUST be in the best physical shape possible…..Someone who can win their neighborhoods over with their charm and compassion. Someone who could remember as many names as possible. Someone who knows the law inside and out. And on and on and on…
      Sounds crazy….but I believe its possible.

      • I don’t honestly think anybody REALLY thinks we can defund the police. Now there may be those on the street chanting that really do, but I don’t think that is the general understanding. Personally, I have been part of protests and the slogans were seen, by me anyway, as ways of getting things focused on an issue.

        As I told a friend that brought that same issue up…If I were on the street chanting I would much prefer the phrase “defund the police” to “we need to get more health care workers and others involved in preventing police from having to deal with the mental ill and people who need some sort of intervention”. The second is too unwieldy to use in a chant but is precisely what I think is being advocated for when it comes right down to it.

        I know I have chanted things that I knew were not going to happen for a while, saying “when you want it?” and responding “NOW!!!!”

        I don’t see your idea as being at all farfetched but I also know that a police chief somewhere said “we expect cops to do too many things” implying that we need the other things I mentioned above as well.

        I also think a HUGE part of the training needs to be building rapport between the locality and the police offices. In Ferguson, it came out that the guy who killed Michael Brown lived two towns away. I saw that as a big red flag, especially since it was also reported that there was very little trust between the police department and the community. That screams lack of good community building, and bridge building from both sides.

        Somebody dropped the ball, or we need to get back to community policing, one or the other.

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  • I am in the midst of reading this book.  It is about some Palestinians with two different generations that have ended up in Brooklyn in NYC.  Each generation has issues dealing with how to be Palestinian a […]

    • Sounds like I would like this book. Many of us people from different cultures know this story very well. We live in 2 worlds. You WANT to. There are times you just want to stop one of them. And at times you get upset about it…..but the beauty of getting to experience our culture…it’s history….is something you cherish.

      I’ll see if they have it on Audiobooks. I listen to books when I am painting/ sewing/ planting.

      • I think you might actually enjoy it. It actually has 3 generations in it, and like a lot of books written today it goes between two of them with a chapter from each. (2 major generations but a third is told about).

        • They did have it on Audible and I downloaded it. Along with a few others. But I have around 5 I still have not listened to. So I am behind not only in my actual reading of books…but of listening to books too.
          I am going to tell my sister about it ….she loves stories like this. She is the one working in Afghanistan now.

          • Wow, sounds like I helped get a trend going of reading/listening to this book. Hope you enjoy. I have almost finished it. Very interesting indeed.

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    “Why Would Anyone Go To Church?” is a good read and encouragement for anyone who has had a past bad experience with church and still wants to somehow fit in somewhere. Some examples of people feeling like they don’t belong in church (and some have happened to me personally, but I still attend church) include:

    – Christian country club atmosphere…[Read more]

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    “Anyone But Me” is a good read for anyone looking for another way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with unbelievers. Around 180 pages, the book centers around 10 suggestions for overcoming your fears for sharing the Good News. Many topics are covered, including:

    – Reducing your spending on personal pleasure and use more money to support…[Read more]

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  • I wonder how many people today have any memory or knowledge about Moms Mabley. She was quite the thing for a small period of time in the late 1960’s early 1970s. She was a comedian as well as a singer. As you […]

    • I can’t say I remember her. I only watched one video ….I was disrupted a few times and could not focus. I will watch them later….cause there is something familiar with her.

      • whatever you have time for…let me know if you have anything to add. By the way, if you watched Netflex, there was a show about a comedian that I think had a character that was supposed to be Moms in the group. I think The Amazing Mrs Musial (or something like that) and it was when she showed up in Harlem. One of the other comedians was a rendition of Moms. (it wasn’t actually her of course because the real Moms died in 1975).

        • The Marvelous Miss Maisel?
          THAT show is on my long list of shows I want to watch. But I am so behind on watching shows that look good and recommendations from friends and family that I had to accept that I may never get to all of them.
          But if they won awards…like Miss Maisel did…they float to the top of the list.

          • Ok, well, look out for an episode where she appears in Harlem. I forget the name or the venue, but I believe I remember that it is a famous all-black (normally) venue. I also don’t remember which season it is.

            But there you get to see Moms Mabley’s character.

  • Some of you may immediately respond “I am not afraid of them”.  And if you are one of those people, I applaud you.  You have what it takes to do what you need to do for yourselves without being afraid. I w […]

    • I think I am very fortunate to have only experienced this once from the medical/law field.
      My mother is a retired nurse and as we grew up we got to know the many different Drs she worked with. We went to parties at these Drs houses with my mother. All the kids swam while the adults mingled and danced. She became friends with all these Drs. So my mother always knew how a Dr should treat their patients and she knew proper protocol and would easily report anything out of sorts. And she always told us…if we are not comfortable with a Dr….request a new one.
      My sons Pediatrician saw all of them from the day they were born until they were grown teenagers. She also was my moms friend who became my friend after she retired. She is such an exceptional human being.
      My Dr. who did my hysterectomy was also an old friend of my mothers.
      Funny Story. I was a young teenager when I first met him at one of these house parties. HE WAS GORGEOUS. Such a beautiful man….and he IS an ob-gyn. Anyhow…..years later I become pregnant at 20 and they referred to him. WHAT? NO WAY? I can’t see him…..he is just too good looking. So I asked for a female ob-gyn and they sent me to a cold …rushed female who didn’t even look me in my eyes on my fist visit. My mom also knew her but she couldn’t understand why this Dr was so cold towards me. So I requested another ob-gyn and was sent to a wonderful older gentleman who delivered my first 2 sons. (my mother didnt know this guy)
      Anyhow….about the handsome first Dr. Years later I am having female problems and my Chiropractor recommends her female friend who is a top GYN in San Diego and actually had a waiting list to get in to see her. But I was able to get in and my first appointment was with her assistant. After all test and ultra sounds are done my second visit was with the famed GYN (I felt so lucky) She said she would like to refer me to another top ob-gyn who was an expert in the field and who does robotic surgery…..and she told me his name and it was my moms handsome friend. I guess he was this Drs teacher and mentor. Now being 3o years since I first met him….I was no longer nervous. He is still handsome…but a little shorter …a little older…and less intimidating.
      So I have a few Drs in my circle….and my cousin was actually nominated for Surgeon General YEARS ago. So I don’t really need to read about what’s best regarding this virus…..I just make a call to my friends and my family. I don’t need no explanations from them…I go with their flow.

      I know my story is not a common one….so I do feel very fortunate.
      And I feel for anyone who has a horrid experiences with any Dr.
      They only get away with it because not many people follow through with complaints.
      AND….some places won’t replace them because it isn’t in the budget.

      As for Lawyers……well…..I actually have been on and off dating one for the last few years. I would say we are more friends and NOTHNG will come from this. Because he is a ….I almost hate to say this….but he is a republican. hahaha.
      Long story for another day. I can’t type 2 stories in one log in.
      But I have had a lawyer on call since my first car accident. He was my Chiropractors friend and since has become my friend.

      I have to say….follow any recommendations you can. Your friends and family would not steer you wrong.

      And you are right….CALL THEM OUT. Some just have this attitude that we are so lucky that they are seeing us.
      Many people never follow through with complaints so these Drs feel they can get away with their awful attitudes.

      Believe it or not…I had more to say but I keep hitting the wrong keys.
      I think that’s my hint to…..sign off.

      • Interesting that you had a cold, rushed female doctor experience. One of the reasons that I don’t want, personally, to go to a woman doctor, really is personal…but there is another reason having to do with a female doctor my mother had at the end of her life. She was the one that talked down to her.

        I decided then and there that the expectation that exists in some circles that a woman doctor would be more patient, and nurturing is not always true. Interesting, however, there was another intern, who was female that agreed with me that my mother WAS in fact responsive if you approached her the right way.

        • You had me looking back at this experience….and realized there was another female Dr who was also this way. My Dr had just moved on to another organization and they were bringing in a new female Dr who was a friend of my Cousins. They had both went through medical school together. So it was nice meeting her but she also was very rushed and kinda cold as well. I only saw her a few times before she left . AND….the GYN I mentioned above that is top in San Diego and recommended by my Chiropractor….she was not a soft women. But I don’t think I noticed because being in the field I was in I had to be a bit cold and hard. But my field had been a mans world up to that point. There was a time and a place for it….and a time and a place to be compassionate and caring. What is the excuse for these female Drs? The Dr I have had for the last few years is female….and she is so kind and fun and we sit and talk and talk when I see her. I always seem to make friends with my Drs. and Dentist…and Lawyer 😉

          I think it is just the luck of the draw.

          The best Dr I ever had was a female who was actually psychic. She just had to touch you and she knew what was wrong. She pushed natural medications but also had to write prescriptions because it was her job. But she would write on a separate paper natural remedies. She became a good friend of our family. She left the organization because it got too political for her.

          I couldn’t imagine having to sit through what you did with your mother. I can be too pushy sometimes and though some may see me as rude in those moments … have to be when no one is listening. I will be nice and polite about it a few times. But when that doesn’t work I raise it up a notch. I like to give people the opportunity to fix their situations. And if being a bit more louder still doesn’t work…..I contact every top dog I can …have all of my documentation ready. No one wants to reach that point….but when it comes to the well being of someone….a human life….scream from the top of your lungs. Everyone is accountable to someone. Thats key to remember.

          • Oh, I totally think it is the luck of the drag. I also believe that coldness is very often a protective measure on the part of anybody, including a doctor, who is trying to maintain some degree of objectivity so that they can handle having cases that in some cases end in death without losing it.

            It is just frustrating to be on the other side of that. 🙂

  • A whole Honey Bee Swarm stopped in for a rest. I was washing dishes this afternoon and kept seeing bee’s flying by the window. I had read on our neighborhood site that people recently are experiencing these […]

    • To show a bit about me, my first thought on reading the title was “hope nobody got stung’. 🙂

      • Ha! LUcKiLy no one has been stung …yet.
        They are still here. I hope they leave soon because I was thinking if I had to call someone to come get them…..the only way to that spot is thru the house.

    • So the queen apparently is enjoying my hospitality and is getting a bit too comfortable here. I must stop serving them tea.

  • What has gotten into these people? Is this too good to be true? AGAIN….not wanting to get political here but this is so nice to hear him encouraging mask wearing.

    Way to go Mitch.

    • Independentthinker…..I see your reply in the pending box but you included a questionable link which is the reason your comment wasn’t approved. It has nothing to do with your opposing view on mask. If you delete the link I can approve your comment.

  • I don’t want to get all political here but HE IS WEARING A MASK and I am actually happy about it. AND he is encouraging others to do the same. I know it’s a little late in the game but I feel it was a smart […]

    • To me it’s a very simple choice. . .you either heed the warnings, or you do not.

      • Well….to some of us IT IS simple. But our President and Vice President have NOT recommended mask over here. They were making claims that the seriousness of Covid19 was a hoax. So to have our VP now encourage wearing mask…..5-6 months into the pandemic? Their followers will not wear them unless they hear it from their leaders. So yeah….it’s a good thing.

    • I agree, I am happy he is doing it….finallly. 🙂

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