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  • For what reason is ERP Important?

    The significance of ERP rotates around what it can accomplish for your business. ERP deals with various business works through smoothing out and robotizing every day business […]

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  • I have shared my home with a cat with a firm paw for 15 years now. She tells me when it is time to go to bed and when time to get up…and she certainly lets me know when it is time to feed, water, or change […]

    • Those poor cats in the video…ha! I think my cats pulled all of those stunts at one time or another.
      Cat’s are such a pain in the butt because they do what they want when they want and where they want and we let them.
      Your cat looks loved. Nice coat for a 15 year old cat.
      I have 2 cats…..I can’t post a pic on a reply so ill post their pic in a bit.
      I really was contemplating getting a puppy a few years ago but my sons at that time could not agree. One wanted a English Pit Bull….the other wanted a Huskey…and the 3rd wanted a shelter dog. So I ended up getting another kitten as a friend for my almost 12 year old cat. And I kick myself for doing that sometimes. She wants attention all of the time.

  • Yes…I posted about this when it first came on TV but the second season is out and I think it is funnier and more entertaining.

    Has anyone seen this show yet?

    • I haven’t seen the show but I was part of a movie watching group for a while. We watched a different movie every week, and one week, this was the choice. The host had something like 25,000 movies so we would vote, as a group on what to watch from a particular category. One week the original movie happened to be the pick.

      It was funny in a very offbeat way. The phrase I remember best is the vampires are out and run into a group of werewolves. The two groups don’t get along. Anyway, one of the vampires says “yeech, I smell dog” as they pass by one another.

      I didn’t know it was a TV show. Where can it be found…netflix, amazon prime?? or is it on one of the regular stations somewhere. I can check amazon prime myself since i have that one. It looks like the updated tv version might be even funnier than the movie.

    • It is so funny. I watch it on FX on cable but they are showing it on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. The Werewolf episode was last season and FUNNY. I’ll post a clip I found on youtube.

      Your movie group sounds like a fun group. I hope someone had a nice big screen for everyone to enjoy it on.
      My favourite place for a movie was the Independent Movie Theater. Not just because they had nice big leather recliners and wine…..but because I love a good independent movie. THAT is something I miss in this lockdown…a good movie in the theater. I am going to have to dig for my projector and watch something on one of the walls.

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  • I don’t really remember what Boris said…but my son called me yesterday from England to discuss the protestors in America. And during the conversation he says…”Boris said”….and I started cracking up. […]

  • I love the appalachian feel of this song. It reminds me of country music and listening to the radio growing up. My mother and father were both into old country, and this feels like it would fit in nicely. And […]

    • I get it completely. It’s almost like we always need to be reminded of the darkness to truly appreciate the light in our lives.
      This song has a powerful message. I can appreciate the old country/Appalachian feel….my parents always played old country in our house too.
      And that deep voice….I absolutely love deep voices.
      My ex has such a beautiful deep voice that all of my sons were born with.

    • Glad you enjoyed it also.

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  • تقدم شركة مكافحة حشرات بالرياض أفضل الخدمات للقضاء على كل أنواع الحشرات والقوارض فهي تقدم أفضل فريقٍ للعمل بالرياض قد تأسس للعمل مع تلقي تدريبات أهلته له.. وهو خبيرٌ في عمله ويستطيع كشف أماكن تواجد الحشرات بكل […]

  • A U.S. Secret Service counter assault team member standing tall.

    Thank you to all the Secret Service, National Guard, Special Forces and other military personal, our law enforcement officers, first […]

  • An 82nd Airborne Division’s Immediate Response Force battalion arrived to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland Monday evening for a civil unrest mission in the nation’s capitol, according to sources.

    The IRF bat […]

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  • There is “no clear evidence” white supremacists are participating in the rioting and looting sweeping U.S. cities across America following the death of George Floyd, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) con […]

    • You are a disgusting enabler. I don’t know how you look yourself in the mirror. If you had any dignity or integrity you’d be ashamed

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