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  • This picture is 2 weeks away from being 2 years old. Chubs is going to be 12 years old in September. He’s the bigger cat by the way 😉 12 years ago I was searching and searching for a Calico cat. My sister called […]

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  • Reported by group that supports our local First Responders: Peaceful protests around downtown courthouse interrupted by truck loaded with out of town Trump supporting Nazi Fascists brandishing baseball bats. I […]

    • Yeah trump has also ordered the troops to DC as well. Even though, it is apparent that it was his ego and refusal to allow the curfew to occur before his unnecessary and totally unproductive little publicity stunt with that stupid Bible pose that caused the problems Sunday.

      The church that was done in front of has repudiated his action as has the Catholic Church that he did another stunt in front of. It was never about Christianity or being a gatherer, it was totally about his ego.

      And the only result of either stunt was MORE people are angry and feeling unvalued and unheard. He has, in effect, declared War on the American people….esp Blacks and those who believe in equality and fairness.

      And his new mouthpiece with her silly statement comparing trump to Churchill and Bush is just plain wrong. Bush went in front of the American people after 9-11. What did he say? He appealed to the nation’s best angels and requested that we NOT take it out on fellow citizens who happened to be Muslim. What did trump do…declare war on the protestors, in effect.

      Winston Churchill also brought the people together. Neither Churchill nor Bush spoke in ways to divide the country even further. trump did.

      What does my heart good, is that some of the religious institutions have come out against him, as well as many political leaders including some in the republican party. (at least a few)

    • And now he has some militant fascist goons guarding the White House instead of the Secret Service. Militants who refuse to identify themselves but who have nothing to do with the US military. Militia racists and bigots. It has begun, just like I told you a year ago.

  • Warning, Sylvester has a bit of what used to be called a “potty mouth”, just so you know.

    Apparently, this is a young man and his family that has three cats and a dog. One of his cats is named Sylvester and […]

  • I am NOT undecided, never have said I was.  I made my mind up about trump and his at least incompetent and uncouth delivery and at worst, his absolute design to destroy the nation as we stand as far as […]

  • Rosenstein wrote a total of three scope memos giving Mueller permission to rove around unchecked in a fishing expedition to not only target Trump officials, but to play defense and cover up the Obama […]

  • This is an old ‘decadent’ favourite of mine ever since I saw the recipe in one of our evening news papers. Somehow I’ve lost the recipe but there are lots of others scattered about the web which are all very […]

  • More and more I am seeing people in America running around carrying guns, (including nonpolitical friends and relatives), and driving around in these enormous, ostentatious black vehicles, people trying to appear […]

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  • I have shared my home with a cat with a firm paw for 15 years now. She tells me when it is time to go to bed and when time to get up…and she certainly lets me know when it is time to feed, water, or change […]

    • Those poor cats in the video…ha! I think my cats pulled all of those stunts at one time or another.
      Cat’s are such a pain in the butt because they do what they want when they want and where they want and we let them.
      Your cat looks loved. Nice coat for a 15 year old cat.
      I have 2 cats…..I can’t post a pic on a reply so ill post their pic in a bit.
      I really was contemplating getting a puppy a few years ago but my sons at that time could not agree. One wanted a English Pit Bull….the other wanted a Huskey…and the 3rd wanted a shelter dog. So I ended up getting another kitten as a friend for my almost 12 year old cat. And I kick myself for doing that sometimes. She wants attention all of the time.

    • honestly, that is here 3-5 years ago, maybe a bit more now, but she still has pretty soft and fluffy fur. At one time I had something like 7 cats…I had a life-partner that couldn’t a cat on the street, or in a paint bucket as we found a little of kittens, that we ended up getting one out of the 4 with 3 other people getting 1 each.

      But since he died and i have been alone since 2006 I have done much better on the piling up of animals. I am thinking once she dies, I might get a dog…but for me, especially living in an apartment, it is more likely to be a Chih which I was raised with…or maybe a small poodle. But then I have had cats since 1991 and am really person anymore with them being more independent and less needy.

      But Patches is the exception to the rule about cats not coming to you when you called, because often she will. She is getting less likely lately because I think she is getting older, and maybe even slightly hard of hearing..or maybe she is just more stubborn with age. I hear that goes around….but I wouldn’t know only being 66 years old. Not old at all. LOL

  • Yes…I posted about this when it first came on TV but the second season is out and I think it is funnier and more entertaining.

    Has anyone seen this show yet?

    • I haven’t seen the show but I was part of a movie watching group for a while. We watched a different movie every week, and one week, this was the choice. The host had something like 25,000 movies so we would vote, as a group on what to watch from a particular category. One week the original movie happened to be the pick.

      It was funny in a very offbeat way. The phrase I remember best is the vampires are out and run into a group of werewolves. The two groups don’t get along. Anyway, one of the vampires says “yeech, I smell dog” as they pass by one another.

      I didn’t know it was a TV show. Where can it be found…netflix, amazon prime?? or is it on one of the regular stations somewhere. I can check amazon prime myself since i have that one. It looks like the updated tv version might be even funnier than the movie.

    • It is so funny. I watch it on FX on cable but they are showing it on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. The Werewolf episode was last season and FUNNY. I’ll post a clip I found on youtube.

      Your movie group sounds like a fun group. I hope someone had a nice big screen for everyone to enjoy it on.
      My favourite place for a movie was the Independent Movie Theater. Not just because they had nice big leather recliners and wine…..but because I love a good independent movie. THAT is something I miss in this lockdown…a good movie in the theater. I am going to have to dig for my projector and watch something on one of the walls.

    • Oh good grief.. 🙂 And some people thought Twilight was weird…(I loved Twilight, glttery vampires and all.

    • I’ve heard of it but never seen it. I think it’s available on Amazon or Netflix, or Sky even, but outside of subscribed TV it’s not shown over here. . .yet.

  • I don’t really remember what Boris said…but my son called me yesterday from England to discuss the protestors in America. And during the conversation he says…”Boris said”….and I started cracking up. […]

    • There’s been public demo’s over here in London, coming out in support for George Floyd. Thankfully, so far, they have been as they should be. . .peaceful but poignant.

      I love that picture, mobile phone?

      Your son’s heart has been stolen by a British Rose! Transatlantic love mirroring ‘one love’ philosophy. I like it.

      • Hopefully you don’t have the alt-right groups there that we are cursed with ratcheting up both the racist and the violence. I am firmly of the opinion that most, if not all, of the violence is actually the alt-right in their never ending war on people with what they consider the wrong color of skin.

        • I agree…I believe so too. But he said there were no protest in the small beach town he is staying in. But he did say…like Jules said….that there are peaceful protest.

          • Well, I will add this…horrible news coming out of DC…well, last night was ok, but Monday…horrible. The church was very upset about his actions.

      • Yes…. iPhone.
        It takes amazing pictures. I do have a camera but I can’t hold it still enough. I do have a tripod….but of course I leave that at home. It’s not too fancy. But I like it to practice my skills and if I improve I will upgrade. My other son though….has a few lenses and a few tripods. His photography skills are amazing.

        This girl may be the one for my son. He had real issues before he left about her height. My sons can be a wee bit shallow at times. I asked….what if she really is short….he said he would turn around and come right back home. Again…their silly humor. He told me on the phone….that she made him happy. My sister who is working in Afghanistan told me to tell him…..if she ever gets crazy for him to go straight to the airport with his passport and wallet. Don’t pack anything…just leave. Of course that is what they are told when working in other countries. If you ever get into an accident or something happens just get to the airport and catch the next flight out of there. When I told him he couldn’t stop laughing.

        • Hey, if she is really short, you know what they say….”big explosions come in little packages,” so he might oughta run for the hills.

          Hey, we were likely all a little shadow at one time. I know I was…now I think I would just about learn to live with anybody that was sick enough to want me. Well, except for a trump supporter, that is. LOL

        • oops, sorry, I saw this comment and didn’t notice it was addressed to Julie and answered…I hope that is ok. Not that I can do much about it now…LOL

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