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Accused Intoxicated

Today’s blog is not comprehensive but concise short precise and nailing down realities

My Financial Diary

Major Draw back is

Instead of taking care of mental and physical health

First I was Assaulted with head shots

than set my assets on heated up bioled milk with well set field plot

And de-charactered with tempting incest.

seldom thus succeeded in complete satisfaction by opposite gender as my first marriage came at the age of 35

but now after So much torment of country

My existence My self esteem self worth and self actualization has been so much denied I never existed on this planet.

I experienced 2 cardiac arrests

I described my breathing stopped

and my heart palpitates

but they can’t understand it

despite of finding my brain in tact and thoughtful

The plan has started

My Lord said to me ” Your Lord is best Planner’

and when they had damaged thrice of my health

My Lord said ” no doubt Almighty is Omnipotent”

and “Almighty is healer”

and Almighty just bewildered the world with phenomenal Miracles of stem cells

“And HE is Omnipotent to perfect your fingerprints”

physically obese

20 minutes Timing

dense Siemens

So much reflective brain it is recognised as precisely accurate intuitive brain.

“we Engineered this universe on fine balance “

from Al Quran

What you know about Tariq (Door voice sounding star)

With AI programmed Rocket 🚀 Rover Mooncraft decoded Engineered Cosmology algorithm from Al Quran and landed rover in South Pole of moon where even sun light doesn’t reach and other 4 landers doesn’t ever accessed it.

Sanju Movie is symbolic where Sonam Kapoor Particularly played a role against an addict son of sunil Dutt and Nagis.

Sanjy Dut even survived Cancer.

My Mom is a Cancer Survivor as well.

They cancerous my Mom

I am exposing zionists illuminati technology

The ozone depletion allow Ultra Violet rays

to penetrate the earth

These rays maily reduce vitamin D

Deficiency of Vitamin D causes cancer of exposed

body parts

Hepatitis A B C D …


herpes simplex

are sexually transmitted diseases.

we Watch out my Financial Diary

3000 Easy Paisa

1475 Barwaqat

5000 committee

7000 van

10000 home

10000 Medicine

2000 Feast for 2.5 months handicapped absence

3400 Healthy food fruits debt

NSB Teacher


.Shaving cream

Razor .




Net salary


Financial Supporters

only Dad whose Pension stopped

Mom poisoned to take her hand off my small financial support of 1000.

No running income property with legal transferred rights

No lands plots or cars

No skilled business minded and poor motor soft house hold skills of life

Informally life long learning educated and not Educated business minded or job holder wife.

No running tangible or intangible assets income or property rights.

Why not I Auction for bidding in market my Divine awarded talent.

My melodious Voice

Joe Chrisma

Cinematic skills

Mr X Avicenna (Aishoo) Account copyright And publishing income of each experimented postulate and divine intuition

920 followers LinkedIn Account

OHSC HR Management certification

GL(Great Learning Global) HR Management Certification

OHSC(Oxford home study college) conflict management Certification

BSBA .HRM According to First Degree Award ( VU)

M.Ed 16 years secondary Education Text Book Development ( AIOU)

Researcher as a teacher at British Council

Core skills of Teaching at British Council

ICT at Teaching level at British Council

Global citizenship at British Council

After series of Assignments and quizzes

certified after passing Final certificate quizzes

as 88% 90% 77% and 86 % Final quizzes results for issuance of certificates.

M.A Language majors in Journalism and language history. AiOU

Josephine share lineage with Joshua commander and conqurer of Jerusalem

Levi’s share Lineage with Generation of Imram Moses Aaron Torah

Benjamin’s share Judian Lineage with Solomon David Pslam

Zacheria and Mary share Lineage with Solomon and David.

John Jesus had not married and had no generation Martyred Saint Thomas saved Original Gospel.

Muhammad Share Lineage with Ishmeal

Son of Abraham and Egyptian Princess her highness hagar daughter of pharaoh of time

whose suffering resulted springing out Zam Zam water her rounds around safa and Marwa became Sai

While Abraham had a third wife Qatora

Tribes of KPK and Afghanistan are Lineage

Khalid bin wali brought pakhtoon tribe from King Qais bin Rasheed that played key role in conquest of Makkah

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi who broke idols of somnat was also from Afghan Tribe.

Zionists Illumnati Sect is a prophesied Mischievous test prophesied by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W 1450 years earlier.

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