Abraham, Martin, and John: a song (Moms Mabley)

I wonder how many people today have any memory or knowledge about Moms Mabley. She was quite the thing for a small period of time in the late 1960’s early 1970s. She was a comedian as well as a singer. As you can tell, her voice was not exactly operatic, but it got the point across.

The first two are her comedy routine with a song at the end of the first one, the third is another song that she was famous for singing.

Loretta Mary Aiken (March 19, 1894 – May 23, 1975, She got her stage name of Moms Mabley from a boyfriend and said that he took so much from her, the least she could do is take his name from him. Born in 1894, and started in Vaudeville at the age of 14. I would say the vaudeville had an affect on her whole career.

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  1. I can’t say I remember her. I only watched one video ….I was disrupted a few times and could not focus. I will watch them later….cause there is something familiar with her.

    1. whatever you have time for…let me know if you have anything to add. By the way, if you watched Netflex, there was a show about a comedian that I think had a character that was supposed to be Moms in the group. I think The Amazing Mrs Musial (or something like that) and it was when she showed up in Harlem. One of the other comedians was a rendition of Moms. (it wasn’t actually her of course because the real Moms died in 1975).

      1. The Marvelous Miss Maisel?
        THAT show is on my long list of shows I want to watch. But I am so behind on watching shows that look good and recommendations from friends and family that I had to accept that I may never get to all of them.
        But if they won awards…like Miss Maisel did…they float to the top of the list.

        1. Ok, well, look out for an episode where she appears in Harlem. I forget the name or the venue, but I believe I remember that it is a famous all-black (normally) venue. I also don’t remember which season it is.

          But there you get to see Moms Mabley’s character.

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