Science Fiction Autobiography of Psychedelic and Injuries proned Mind.

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An Autobiography of a person living with sensory perception weakness and Palsy of motor life skills

Someone that can never live normal life again Miraculous beating of heart If normal people are such vicious I am happy I am abnormal


A Manipulated person with weak mental Mathematical calculation to keep account of his income inflow and outflow

As a result of Anguished Reactions Two Sharp Blows survivor on brain resulting in
impaired short term memory and the person that handicapped me is my own younger brother and I am finding no survival

Struggled for marriage that long for not being normal….abnormal people are not married. Even according to a school of thought John and Jesus  did not married They were persecuted.      The people of my homeland made me enough notorious of being retarded to make me unattainable and Lord is proving me irreplaceable.

If Today women of this country persecuted me None of them deserved to be princess of Women of paradise most importantly Most dignified women in superiority of deeds will be wives in paradise to me don’t get mistaken before earning paradise you will earn me The revealations has proved everybody has mistaken If women of this state are persecuting me The price is really costly and I have received Glad Tiding in my life I never went to any extremes for this such as punctuality of prayers night prayers or fasts I just kept my thinking straight and God is what I think my hands what I wanted to act foot where I wanted to Go I have firmly held rope or Finger of God I have done this so that I am leaving no sect behind me and no extremes behind me..

Coordination speech disorder I forget while speaking what I was trying to say from my thoughts and I forget immediately in my short term memory what was said

Although my eye lenses are normal but still everything is fuzzy I am losing identification

but normal intellectual Development and health having unique brain

Accidentally Qualified

Miraculous Heart that gets re impulsed Miraculous Heart beat That’s why still alive that is miracle of Today’s age someone that has not drunk life water by Khider P.B.U.H but someone whose appearance on moon has been claimed by world and affirmed by bollywood songs.

Attention deficit  impairment

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Born
Anorexia Nervosa Recoverer
Deliverer of valid intuitive thinking
Deep Depression Survivor

Having potential treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with Poison procyclidine and Dopamine Drug Resperidone Parkinson is caused by disturbance of Dopamine. Blurred vision

Burnt in Heated up boiling milk while playing with elder brother burning left thigh testes sacs and partially penile erectile muscles effecting natural erection until Puberty and miraculous recovery of erection capability again and again miraculously after reperidal effected erectile muscles causing impotency and even minor rubbing causing no effect on erectibility..As Divine Gaurd miraculously.. I am still a man infect superman

Rehabilitation of my mental physical and sexual health is divine support and miracle of age

A Critical Analysis of My Life Journey…..
Human rights Advocate

My God is Lord and King of throne of all heavens and Universe Domains and every thing that exist living or non living He is self sufficient He is neither Begotten nor begets ALONE RULER PRODUCER creator and has no partnets  free from want of human desires such as wives children He will never beget his counter parts as these will be Gods as well These Gods will fight with each other will have their kingdoms and God is Alone ruler that has no partners or counterparts Humans are Caliph of God and Devil obstinacy against humans resulted human examination till judgement day Jews call God Jahweh Charistains call him God and Abrahamic Muslims call him ALLAH only God ……Micheal is angel of climate changes Gabriel angel of revealation Aazriel angel of death Right hand angel writes good deeds left hand angel writes bad deeds.

Americans Disabilities Act 1990 ADA against Discrimination
Asperger Syndrome or Autism Mental Handicapped Differently Able Human Being.

Early white hairs and aging due to deep depression agitation anxieties Social Phobias resulting from bullying harassment by Bad respectable Goons And incompetent Psychological readers.

A Theologian and Plain Warner

I did never grew up because I was born on nature of God like every other child and I am still on nature of God rather than growing up and empowering myself to follow any sectarianism or be a christian Jew or Pagan or Idolater etc So whenever I share You will find divine intuition in my eye.

A Successful person is the one that lays a firm foundation of skyscrapers with the stones that others fire at him.’ The Uwais quote

Thomas Edison of Today’s Age

I attempt thousand times to make one time attempt with perfection
I am not disabled I am differently able

Black Magic victim

Although I am not like you all so don’t compare me with your normality and keep in mind my limitations but this is the way I deliver to the extent I rehabilitated I am the one rehabilitated by God but disowned by humanity Being God gifted rehabilitation I am before world to what extent it had been even my character had been pure..

A Book That may activate my Provision
As God is best Provider and Best of The Nurture

Paid words….

Validity of my views show I can be discriminated but nobody can justify his bias towards me..

A socially and academically biased person and personally obstinately dealt Victim.

Only one to perceive world this way
Not Jew Not Christian But Believer of Abraham Religions.I believe in God In Last Abrahamic Religion from descendent Great Grandson from Ishmeal son of Abraham and Hagar and Book of warning Arabic Bible.

Only Question is how I know all this  The reply is I don’t know what to do

A writer

A Romantic Serious and Sad poet

An Intuitive Thinker

A singer

Former school Comic Actor

Former Athletic sportsman

An uncertified Doctor with successful treatments including recovering Gastric juice anorexia

Drugs reseracher and successfully treating hepatitis B from 2004 until 2020 continued

Diagnosing Oval ovary unproductive Disorder because of depression drugs

diagnosing and recovering sexual side effects of respridal schizophrenia drug Shots causing impotency main cause of depression in banking job and running away delaying marriage…..

A victimised and discriminated Banker

Victim and survivor of University Ex Rector paper set corruption

And performing my last role as highly qualified master Educationist

I wrote this Autobiography before I lose my provision and access to cyber world and I lose my breath

I am a person that never grew up but obviously I am not scientist or theorist problem is very shortlived sensory memory impaired short term memory and selective long term memory whatever I think its pure intuition and I hope YOU CAN’T REMEMBER TO FORGET ME because the day i will uncover my identity I will not be alive longer  for being claimed as liar cheater thief and sex oriented bad character Devil soul on earth …but reality is like mirror opposite Finally I am not making sense and very weak perceptiveness my reality has become a mad that is lost and he is not making sense as well …I am not Finding a Euthanasia so that I am relieved from this purposeless life I am unmarried generationless  so far and a person that don’t make sense Everybody will be surprised which vicious religion I belong to I love its Founder but not its followers . I preserved my Values That is reason I have been persecuted but because of these values i did not mutated in some creature like monkey Although visibly people perceive a human monkey at their First sight but its Environment Friendly Nature Person That Burn inside but don’t sex.

Obviously if people perceive me useless If they will realize my services successfully rendered One of them is recovring from Anorexia and other is first ever successful treatment of a person whose liver has cirrhosis 2004 to present …

Continous selections on merit 2011 to present HRM competency

If someone is useless for others he is not for some Nothing is useless in this world nothing is worthless in factory of this universe.

The Negative Image of A Negative Person. People like me are known as Ghala and its a mark to strip them below standard of living and marginalize them like animals So I became an Animal This world is forest for me I am Tarzan…

I remain away from humans because of their brutal human rights violation as they have not paid my rights Why I care paying their rights I am still struggling for my rights

Yes I am that person that caused worldwide rainfall world is claiming his captured face on moon that is interactive to God’s animals and birds That is reality I am that sun that is drowning but not drown yet let me disclose cause of breast cancer In this world rays from ozone depletion are found to be causing human skin cancer whereever these rays impact these cause cancer of that part as these are treated with radiation as well early diagnosis has complete treatment as well..

You will find my this account a complete science and artificial intelligence is applied in my brain Without these PCs and Smartphones I am not making sense lost in lost somewhere Mental Handicapped Madman

And even verdicts and criteria of women I am not measuring up too Madmen are not illegible to be married but my this account defines me I am human rights violated handicapped insane but not A madman psychologically defined Intuitive Genius that faced inhumane human rights violation from my Mothers Family just being Divine Gifted person that their children deprieved…my divine gifts have to be transferred to my children if I am successful finding a vagina and secure womb.

People need to know I am in brain ailment but not psychologically a MAD


My pain is mine my Agonies are mine storm in mind every next moment is mine My brain is desperately struggling and all that is my problem my headache and all that is my life  My brain is deteriorating day by day but my heart is not stopping.

But Still I am in two minds If I am married How it is possible I only sex reproduce and leave everything further what is in store for me. What if Finally my heart stopped what will my wife do after me who will bring up my children after me like uncles did to my Dad these orphans will be left to ruthless hands of time and if They continued delaying my marriage how long I am sound mind to continue Job.

I am not deserved by these people the way they tourchered me

The way history of inhumanity by society and Family clan worshippers has been registered It should have invited wrath of My God. Now they are not letting my heart stop because they have discovered the impulse that keep heart beating.That’s what cardiac arrest is.

Autistic Like Albert Einstein Strong like Bruce Lee.

I have theorised some in future to be proven laws in this account

The Family that has forsaken and repudiated me I wanted to convey them I followed their school of thought adopted mind set and way of thinking and social life living policies but when I promoted it to world The world in various regions became creaters Such as Snake Penis Dragon Monkeys and such incidents that took place in my post emails period of 20 years until World claimed rainfall Moon appearance and other Supernatural interactions such as Angels descendants on house of God ….It was wake up call for world this Family is on dangerous track as my psychology is blessed as The People themself claimed I escaped a physical monkey transformation and God showed his compassion in my case and I was just Friend of God I openly say no Angel came with revealations to Me I am not liar God has ended prophethood on Maaz or Amid P.B.U.H according to a name mentioned in Mosis ancient scripture and Jesus christain scriptures I am just self communicator imagining God and To praise everytime God is my worship…

Perhaps It was wrath of God on entire world that pandemic when they belied these unscientific supernatural incidents as no projector is such powerful to project such image on moon no holography can do this and perhaps because of my developing mind having childlike innocence and psychology they claimed I associate myself as a Son or I call God my father I clearly declare God is my Lord and He is free of all partners The school of thought that originated from this family and spread like cancer in entire world is ulaagertimate terminators school of thought and I openly declare I repudiate anybody who is part of it

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