About me

Back in 2004 when I lived in Beirut Lebanon, i was married to a handsome man. I was 27, young, naïve and so much in love. Only to end up in 2009 divorcing with two kids and to top all that got my house stolen by my ex husband.

I will certainly go back to all that I felt and lived during that period cause I definitely need to let this all out.

Flash back to 2016, October 29th, Paris airport with my two kids, one luggage each is all we could take with us for our new start over.

And finally the present moment, happily married to my French man, feeling way better, not exactly where I want to be yet but I know deep inside that I can make my dreams come true.

Catch you later,


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  1. I get from Monica’s comment above that you are a previous member of thoughts. I have only been here a couple of months, but it sure sounds like you have had some interesting, and challenging things happen in your life. Glad you are doing better now.

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