A wonderfully dark song

I love the appalachian feel of this song. It reminds me of country music and listening to the radio growing up. My mother and father were both into old country, and this feels like it would fit in nicely. And this one has that “gospel like” feel to it besides.

Leftthought…source for unusual sounds in music. I am big on “sounds” and “looks” in my music and love some really dark presentations at times. There is just something intriguing to me about the train, the lights and the vib at the beginning, and then who would not like Josh Turners voice.


2 thoughts on “A wonderfully dark song”

  1. I get it completely. It’s almost like we always need to be reminded of the darkness to truly appreciate the light in our lives.
    This song has a powerful message. I can appreciate the old country/Appalachian feel….my parents always played old country in our house too.
    And that deep voice….I absolutely love deep voices.
    My ex has such a beautiful deep voice that all of my sons were born with.

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