A sort of redemption when least expected….wow a shocker

Ok, I am kind of stealing from someone who usually posts from this particular youtube channel on another site.  When she started using Omeleto I thought at first that it was all cartoon-type animation and while funny, wasn’t very serious.

However, she branched out, and apparently so have they. Or maybe I am just getting deeper into their stuff.  Anyway, this is a video where two people run into each other in a strange situation.  It could be very very off-putting but ends up with possible healing on both sides.

Sometimes, huge good comes out of those places where one is “broken”.

Sorry, Creative, I saw this over on youtube, watched it, and just had to share it.

2 thoughts on “A sort of redemption when least expected….wow a shocker”

  1. Wow. What a good story!!! Leftthoughts, what about this story appealed to you? In my younger days, with my late-wife was alive, I had a few affairs. I am writing a novel, “The Merging” which is about one of those affairs (posting here although I am not sure its read). Yes, I loved the woman in the novel (met her here on thoughts.com) and it never seemed as bad as the “righteous judgment” about my affairs seemed to imply. My younger daughter and I have made peace about “the affairs”; she had trouble getting along with her mom so there is some sympathy. My older daughter and me can’t have that talk or understanding, at least not yet. My wife now knows I think of myself as poly and is okay with it … whole different story. Pardon the random comment; I feel like I should erase it and start over, but perhaps you can see the impact of this video on me more if I just leave this rambling mess of a comment. thank you for the post.

    Rrro (Robert)

    1. Robert, I will try to get over and read some of your posts about your situation, but not at this moment. So forgive me if i forget and fail to do so. I can’t right now because it is almost 6AM and I just check to add another blog, of another video that I thought was worth sharing.

      Anyway, the part that appealed to me in this video is that the girl was in pain because after her mother died, her step-father, who apparently she had grown to love, disappeared from her life. Meanwhile, the stepfather thought about her, and missed her, but for whatever reason, he didn’t feel up to getting back in touch with her. Now, I am not sure right now, although watching again would likely remind me of what actually happen with the girl in terms of what her mothers death and her step father leaving resulted in, whether she went to a foster home or to grandparents, or maybe it doesn’t clarify.

      The point I working up is that now they have an opportunity to talk those issues out, and perhaps even build a relationship and both “get some healing of past trauma” as a result. I just found it a very poignant and moving story.

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