A silly story about the wise lefty

not directly related to my post but still the type of thing I am talking about

Well, there is a pandemic rampaging though the country. If that wasn’t bad enough, there are people who seem to think that their “freedom” is more important than the rest of our lives, so they go out, get infected and bring it to the rest of us. So, my solution involves using delivery services for my and my cat’s food and staying at home a lot of the time. I mean a lot!!! I mean going out maybe 3 hours a week instead of 6 a day.

Part of my strategy is to wait till very late…like midnight or after, and sneak out hoping the neighbors are at rest. Last night, I decided 1. I needed to deposit my stimulus check which finally arrived. 2. take out the trash and 3. to mail two bills which has to be done at the post office.

So, here I go. Wouldn’t know if but down at the other end of the courtyard at my “elegant upscale apartment complex” there was a fight going on with police cars pulling up to every entrance to the complex, and coming in from every direction. But never fear, they weren’t right next to me…at least 6 feet away, so your brave hero hoofed it to the car.

Remember, I am holding a large garbage bag, a check and two keychains. What could possibly go wrong? Well, something managed to because one of the sets of keys got dropped and I didn’t know where. I still had the car keys, the garbage bag, and the check, sort of crumpled but still had it.

So, I drove to the trash bin, deposited the garbage. Then to the bank where I deposited the check. Oops, I also forgot the two bills and still, of course, did not have my key to get in my apartment.

So, I come back to the apartment, and the police have finally gotten the neighbors calmed down enough that they could leave and I stopped one of them to help me find my keys. He was confused because how did I get in the car and drive without my keys. Also, he didn’t understand how I knew they were gone if I hadn’t gone to the door yet after getting back. Finally, I managed to explain, he turned the cop car around and shined the light on the grass and neither of us saw the keys.

So, I am thinking now, I am locked out of my apartment. Hopefully the management of the complex will come in at 10am and have an extra key. So I drive across to the other side of the river, go though my favorite neighborhood, just to be saying I did it, something I hadn’t done since the pandemic hit, came back across the river, got some food at McDonalds, and got gas and came back.

I got the bright idea to part across the driveway and shine the line on the grass and viola, saw something shiny and sure enough there were the keys to the apartment.

So, I managed to find my keys and get into the apartment almost four hours after I locked myself out, and ended up going back to mail the bills. Except for the policeman that wasn’t really as close as 6 feet I don’t think, the exposure was zero…the drive though was protected by both distance and glass obstruction.

I can tell stories like this all day…and sadly, some of them were from when I was in my twenties. Scatterbrained, much??? But lucky too. But at least the history shows it ain’t age related.

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  1. THIS ….sounds like me. These THINGS just keep happening to me.
    I should say more so before I retired. But since retiring I have learned to just slow down and take my time. I use to multi task like nobodies business. But today….I don’t even try. I just take my time …put keys in my pocket or purse. Our cars don’t need the actual keys to start…just have to be on you. THANK GOODNESS for that because YES…I locked my keys in the car a few times years ago….dropped my keys and couldn’t find them a few times
    I even drive the speed limit if not SLOWER.
    I almost get hit by another car a few times every time I drive somewhere and by driving slower I get better reaction times.
    I have been in 3 big car accidents ….which none were my fault. 2 of those cars were total losses. I also Hit black ice and spun out of control and went straight into the side of a mountain. Spun out of control on a dirt road and all 4 tires popped off the rims and LUCKILY did not flip. Hydroplaned into a center divider and filled my jeeps grill with city purple flowers. I am sure there are more mini accidents but my memory is a bit foggy at the moment.
    And this last December I was hit by a drunk driver (accident #4). I have posted about my accidents before but I just didn’t feel like posting about this one. I was just so tired of these darn accidents.

    It was a Monday night and I was home when my son calls me …he just got back from being out with his friends and he asked if I was going anywhere because he was going to park his truck where it was going to block the other cars in and that he would move it in the morning. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere so he did. An hour later my other son reminded me that our housekeeper was coming the next morning which I forgot because we changed her days that week. So I had to go to the bank to get money out for her and it was a little after midnight. We leave cash on the table for her because most times I am not home when she comes. So I had to take my sons truck since he blocked the other cars in. My youngest son climbed in because he wanted to stop by the 24 hour Starbucks. So it being after midnight the roads are empty and I am taking a route I enjoy through a small mountain rd. But my sons says…isnt taking the other road faster? So we decide to take his route and we are going to time it. Mind you….its a 4 lane road with a concrete divider down the hill until we reach the bottom when the divider ends and a middle turning lane appears. Again…empty roads. As we reach the bottom I am in the inner lane heading north. A car pulls out from my left and is heading south and makes such a wide turn he is on our side of the road in the outer lane. I slow down giving him time to correct himself and get back on his side of the road. So he corrects himself directly in my lane …speeds up heading right at me. I quickly turn into the center lane to avoid him and he turns his wheel and hits the back end of the truck. It was as if he was trying to get into a head on collision. I know I turned quick enough and far enough to avoid him but he still wanted to hit me and turned his wheel. At this point I am shaking and my son cant believe what this asshole just did. The guy starts his car and keeps driving and turns into a shopping mall. I turn to follow him and my son is talking to the 911 dispatcher. We are keeping a distance because he tried to hit us head-on …maybe he has a gun…who knows. So we are watching him park…..and his car won’t start. He gets out….throws a can under his car and starts walking down the road. We follow keeping a distance until 4 cop cars finally catch up and surround the guy.
    I am so grateful we were in my sons truck and not a smaller car.
    I only had a few months of Chiropractor visits this time around due to biting my jaw so tight when he hit us.
    And my hip for pushing the pedals as he hit us.
    This Chiropractor is now a family friend after she has worked on me through 4 accidents.
    And today….we went to pick up our dinner order and I drove because I wanted to drive through Starbucks first and one of my sons does not like giving my mile long order at the window. On that trip I was almost in 2 accidents and both were NOT my fault. This son is hardly with me when I drive and he couldn’t believe it. My other sons have told him how many accidents I have avoided and somehow he thinks it may still be my driving. But he got a first hand view this time. I told him….my lawyer and my chiropractor always say I am a smart driver because every accident could have been worst if I didn’t do this or that before I was hit . Now he doesn’t think I should drive for awhile.

    My sons can be over protective of me. TOO OVER PROTECTiVE.

    Ok……so I went off topic and wrote a novel.

    1. Well, I won’t say it was a good story but it was informative. It was well written and not off topic at all. The picture certainly applies more than your’s than mine, but I tend to use pictures that I think will attract attention. And certainly it relates to the craziness of the situation.

      By the way, another BRIEF little story about me. I once or twice, and this was likely 30 years ago so wasn’t age related, I went to a movie. I walked up, gave them the money, and told them which movie I wanted to see. They did their thing, got my ticket ready to hand to me. I promptly turned around, and walked off, leaving the ticket and my change laying on the ticket stand. They had to give me both on the inside of the theater.

      Now beat that…LOL

      1. 30 years ago and you did that? You must have been…..distracted? A pretty lady might have walked by? hahaha
        Well….. I am 51 and the whole distraction thing has been happening for almost 20 years? I put ALL BLAME ON birthing 3 sons and raising them.
        Anyhow….can I beat that? Well…… maybe not. But I have watched a few movies I had no intention of watching but just so happened to walk into the wrong theater. But I was already comfortable and ate half my popcorn before the movie started so I just enjoyed the movie. Also gave me an excuse to go to the movies again the next day.

  2. I do all of my bills online except rent, which I just take down the hall, usually about 4am, and deposit in the drop box. I order all my groceries online and go pick them up just having the picker bring them out to my car and put them in the trunk. I do go to drive through restaraunts which only requires a couple seconds dealing with anyone.

    1. Yep, you and I operate pretty much the same way. I will go in, wearing a mask, to a couple of restaurants that I like. Both of them are separating themselves from the customers with a counter and a table put against the counter which should be close to 6 feet.

      I walk down the sidewalk and pay my rent and mail my utility by driving to the post office, in the dead of night and sticking it into the outside mailbox. If I can get a parking lot that is almost empty and can maintain social distancing, I will walk for a bit to have a change in scenery for part of the daily walking I do.

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