A new beginning.



Hello all,

I was wondering when this day would come. Thoughts has closed and so has a chapter in my history. I had been using that service since the start in one form or another. There, I was under the name the_last_greatest_man, here, I’ve had to alter that. I hope some of those I’ve spoken and grown with there will follow me here as well.

I suppose its fitting that this year is the one that things came to an end there. I’ll be entering a new phase in my life soon as it is. Hopefully I can use this site to reflect the positivity that my old account never had. If only.

This then, should serve as a new introduction to who I am. I am a writer, musician, thinker, and learner. I like to turn things into philosophy far more often than they really need to be. I’ve come from a very broken past, and am permanently shaped and scarred by it. I’ve been searching all my life for a way to make myself a small measure of peace.

The name I’ve chosen is just a relic of who I thought I used to be. Naivete and a lack of experience made me take that title. But now, I can strive for it still, hopelessness aside. If I were to be more accurate with my title these days, it’d be the one I go by as a music act, Empty-R. I respect the place my writings came from too much to stick with that here, though. Regardless of all that, I welcome everyone to participate in my posts here, as I wish to connect with as many viewpoints as possible.

This is all new and different, but so too will everything be as I pass my first quarter century on this rock we all call home.

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