A Message I think we all can understand.

Well….here in America we can replace his use of “Brexit” with our upcoming election. Actually this message is worth spreading in general.

There is common ground with all of us. I mentioned somewhere in the past I have been dating a Republican Lawyer off and on for a few years. We get along amazingly. I always joke around that I would never take the relationship further because he is a ::cough:: “Republican” but the reality is….he has young daughters and I don’t want to deal with someone else’s young children. My sons are grown men…and I am so happy to be finished with that part of parenthood. But we have so much common ground and have a wonderful friendship. I also have a few republican girlfriends who I have passionate debates with. But we know….LETS NOT GO THERE when we just want to enjoy lunch and talk family and life.

James (guy in the video) is Anti Brexit and he mentioned over a year ago that he has some friends who are Pro Brexit. And ever since he started getting harassed from extreme Anti Brexit people. But being a Social Media “star”….I feel you have to learn to take the negative with the positive.

Too bad Twitter isn’t like THOUGHTS. We are able to remind folks to remain civil. I know I may be so naive….but I truly believe we as humans can reach a place of understanding. It all starts in our own backyards.

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