A Martyred body perceived as mummified Pharaoh

What exactly my dream process and sleep condition is concluding is that Even in astral travel hallucinations I have discovered my brain is in somewhat between unconscious and sub conscious condition my heart ❤ keep on pumping and I stay between unconscious and sub conscious state state..

Well even my cardiac has been arrested ever It might have resulted in astral travel hallucination but I never figured out in what condition I get into..

You might have seen a mummified image on moon sleeping but those who grudge call it a mummified pharaoh and Some suggest punishment of Nimrod for him

But apart from these controversies and grudgingly disputes ..

This is body still martyres in its functional clay

And not science not artificial intelligence can belie it but bustard superstitious humans with their limited perception dares it

Hence conclusion is no shrine is better than this BC or Sister Molesters Shrine or Python ladies that is God Almighty choice don’t challenge Almighty God’s Selection.

Only I have this Miraculous Body

My brain has been developed to geniuses level by God

Satellite are observing after shocks of bonding sapiosexual with an illiterate Sex lust..

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