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A key to all of your problems…

Everybody has to face some kind of problem at some point in their life. It is quite a normal thing. The problems may be well defined or poorly defined. Some had one solution but some had multiple solutions. Often the thing that’s bothering us is inside of us rather than outside. Today I want to share with you my solution key for dealing with these situations.

The First Step; The first one is to change or substitute the thing or person that is causing you trouble. Stay away from that thing or the person. Avoid it, ignore it or anything related to that.

For example; If there is a friend of you, who always lets you down. It makes you feel worthless and disgusted. Try to stay away from these toxic people as far as you can. They are only making you sad with their negative comments and can’t see you smile. They can’t stand your success. So never tell these people your goals and intentions, they can only make fun of it.

The Second Step; If you are unable to follow the first step, follow the second step that is to change your attitude or way of thinking towards that thing. The things may not be the way you were thinking about it. It could have a positive cause or effect on you.

For example; If you are a working person, who always gets the job done. But your Boss never gets satisfied with your work and never appreciates you. This situation is causing stress and anxiety in you. What will you do? Instead of thinking like that, direct your thoughts on the positive things like by working hard your skills are polishing, you are growing and making yourself better than yesterday.

Everything has a good and bad aspect. Maybe you are so busy focusing on the negative side that you completely forgot the existence of the positive one. Focus on solutions and opportunities and you will have more of them, instead of focusing on problems and issues. It will only result in more problems. What you search for is what you will get. Never ever think that you are not worth it. God has made everything for a reason. Only one positive thought is able to redirect your whole attitude and change your mood and only you can bring this change in yourself.

Therefore, never let your soul done for anyone, always be happy with what you have.

1 thought on “A key to all of your problems…”

  1. great post. Sometimes it is more hard to deal with toxic people that belong to family, we cant scape or avoid at all. Sure, being positive helps, and we need more mature attiture to confront this

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