A Fascination With the Imagination

Mike’s Common Sense

What is it that makes man so special? What is it that makes man the pinnacle of the animal kingdom? Is it superior intelligence? Partially, but the one thing that makes man so special, is his greatest gift from God, his imagination.

Man can create artificial intelligence, and we have, and we may one day create robots with intelligence far beyond our own, but imagination is something only God can bestow.

What is imagination, and why does it make man so special? Man is a complex individual, composed of both animal characteristics, and spiritual. Man, is a spirit, living, and functioning in a physical body. Part of that physical body is our magnificent brain. The brain is composed of literally billions of cells, and it’s capacity is not close to being totally utilized. Modern scientists conjecture, that man uses approximately 7% – 9% of the brain, and as man evolves, he will use more, and more of that capacity. Spirit, or Soul, can only interact with this world through it’s body. That is why the human brain is so important. ALL animals are animated by Soul, but they are working through much smaller brains. To utilize the power of imagination, soul must have a brain capable of interpreting that second sight. This is what makes man stand apart from the other animals.

Imagination, is the inner sight of Soul. Soul, as an immortal being, is existing, on many different levels of being, such as the astral, and, the mental, and is always tapped into them. Imagination, is the soul looking at these other levels of reality, which is then interpreted to the individual, through the brain. The individual, can use this “soul sight” to solve problems, and to invent new things for the physical world. ALL creative people, whether they be inventors, poets, artists, or musicians, utilize this “soul sight” to bring something that already exists on another level, into existence on the physical. The old saying, “nothing is impossible, if it can be imagined” is very true!

Imagination, can also be used for more than problem solving, and creating; it can also be used for out of body traveling. Since imagination, is nothing more than soul, viewing another plane of reality, all you have to do to “soul travel”, is to switch your attention, from your body, to your imagination. Believe it or not, that is all day dreaming is! You get so involved with your imagination, that it becomes more real to you, than what you are doing in the physical. So if you want to do O.B.E. simply practice day dreaming!

Imagination, is God’s greatest gift to soul, while entrapped in a physical body. Imagination can help you solve problems, help you to be creative, and also act as a bridge between the physical, and the inner worlds of God.

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