A Dying Factory

My factory is dying.

It probably started dying when the new owner took over. He had no experience running a company. No people skills, we the workers learned. A huge ego like trump. He put off paying materials suppliers. He was abusive and mean to some of his office workers and at least 3 of them decided enough of this shit and left. He started out good and became something of a petty tyrant. He has no idea how to run a company but bumbles on. Trying to run things on the cheap. Cutting corners and fucking people as time goes by. Thing about fucking people over is that it often comes around to bite you in the ass. He needs some kevlar panties because some heavy karma gonna bite his ass. 

And take us all down with him. 

My boss is what keeps the factory going. He puts up with the shit. He repairs the machines. Listens to the bitches and moans of the workers. He knows more about that company from office crap to nuts and bolts out there in the factory. The owner has no clue how to repair a machine. No clue about what those dusty boxes of metal are for. He is a fucking idiot that is only useful for signing pay checks. The purchaser for the company got a new better job because he got sick of the bullshit from the owner. You can only treat people like shit so long before they say… “fuck you all”

Every day I rehearse saying, “ I quit” but I have no fall back.Social security in October 2021 if Biden wins. If Biden loses… we are all fucked. I hang on and put on my ACT with everyone or most people. I can relate ok with the common workers. I expect the company to die by the new year due to the idiot owner and his massive fucked up ego. Petty dictator pussy. 

I am resigned to what I see what will happen. My boss will nobly try to keep the company going but without materials the machine that is the factory will slow, stumble then fall and stop. The owner will make excuses and none of the blame for the  company dying  will be on him. Responsible adults of conscience do that, take the blame. Responsibility. 

The oldest worker in the company in the company is officially laid off and working a few hours a week. Nevertheless, he comes in because he has no life beyond that factory. He comes in and reads a paper much of the day. Over and over the same fucking paper. He collects and purveys gossip. I never talk to him. He is a bully. An ASS KISSER and snitch. 70 and hasn’t retired. Company gossip is all he has so he comes in, works for 5 hours and just STAYS THERE for the remaining week. 

My health is crap, of sorts. Veins are crap and I am slower much slower than I was. I try to hang on. Do the best I can. Maybe I fool myself with fantasies of, “my next job after this one”. Who will hire this gimpy old bastard? I will try and try. I have 2 birds to support 😉 I have to hang on. 

Often at work, I look around me and see the production of past. I remember what we used-to make. I remember some of the workers but there were so many they all run together in a meaningless mess. Some stand out for their goodness. Most stand out for being… assholes. Painful people. Most of the workers that left found better jobs. I have hung on because I am the last person in the USA doing my specialty. When I am gone…there will be none that do my job. It is like being the last of a species and aware of it. 

Often at work, I look around and wonder about what will happen to the machines stored in the back. Those machines once used and now obsolete. I look at the old dusty THINGS laying around in odd places. I doubt if even my boss knows what some of that shit was used for. THINGS used for products long gone. They sit there in odd place collecting dust because nobody cared enough to toss them in the scrap pile. They are like lost souls. Parts and pieces without purpose.

Like I soon will be. 

Like I soon will be….

As the factory that has lasted for over 100 years slowly grinds to halt, stumbling, gasping for resources and sales… and dies…. With some idiot owner pointing the finger of blame at all but himself. 

3 thoughts on “A Dying Factory”

  1. Thank goodness I don’t have to endure the inter-politics of work, bosses, and colleagues anymore. Last year I retired early for health reasons, but apart from all that, I realised that when I retired I could have done it much sooner than I did. We had a really good pension scheme where I used to work – the best in the UK in fact, yes really! The scheme involved matching exactly what you paid in each month up to a fixed ceiling. The math was simple, pay in £40 a month and it turned into £80. The pension scheme itself was called BRASS and it existed alongside the normal company pension scheme but was optional. Needless to say that all employees signed up with BRASS when it first began in the 90’s due to the fact that no other pension scheme could match it or come near to the benefits it offered. So when I got paid off last year I had 2 pension schemes keeping me financially afloat and, I will also be due for a state pension in a couple of years time; pension X3. Obviously, my pension would have been worth more if I carried on working but, sitting here right now typing this comment, I am quite content and financially solvent.

  2. I am retired, did so in 2014, so at least i no longer have incompetent owners and bosses to cope with, but as you point, your situation at work is the same situation, written smaller, of what is currently going on in that nation as an whole, so we all have to deal with the horror of a future that is at threat.

    Hang in there.

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