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A culture of deniability (delusion)…

Today I saw a report how YouTube had to remove a “fake news” story claiming the George Floyd killing was a “false flag” event, and that he had not actually been murdered in full and open view for the whole world to see.

YouTube and other platforms have spawned this cult of knuckleheads who, for some unexplained reason, (perhaps “chemtrails?”) seem to be particularly prone to believing the plague of conspiracy theories that are currently rotting the mind of so many human beings.

False flag Sandy hook, false flag 9/11, false flag moon landing, false flag this, false flag that, yada yada to infinity and the moon, blah blah, blah.

False flag number of COVID deaths..blah, blah, blah.

And it seems like so many of these brain rot knuckleheads are prone to the infectious cultish of Trumplandia.

It feels like to me people deny reality itself purely for the sake of deniability itself, for spite sake. No common sense applicable, no principles, no rationality, just deny for the sake of being obtuse, obstinate and contentious.

Possibly it’s all a form of attention craving, the way Trump himself craves attention the way flies crave cow patties.

This nonsensical conspiratorial claims that COVID death statistics are being inflated is being embraced by people who obviously have no understanding of how these numbers are compiled. I am not going to engage the tedium of detailing the process, but being a person who has had the occupation of medical statistician, as well as medical coder of the span of about 20 of my 64 years, I am just going to tell you that these claims are straight up bupkus conspiracy theory fodder for the brain atrophied cult of Trumplandia.

It’s getting mighty wearisome dealing on a day to day basis with this zombie cult of pumpkinheads…..

4 thoughts on “A culture of deniability (delusion)…”

  1. And just generally, anything they either don’t agree with, don’t care about, or seem to want to get even worse, becomes a “false flag” just as any piece of reporting that trump doesn’t like or that puts the tiniest little present on him to tell the truth is a “dishonest media” with “fake news”.

    The biggest fake in the country is the man in the white house and the second biggest is the naive or dishonest people, who after watching this mess for 3 years, still believe anything he spews out of his piehole.

  2. I love a good conspiracy theory. But it can’t be too coocoo. I really couldn’t believe people actually believe all the Sandyhook ones. That was horrible.

    1. Honestly, I have no idea how to respond to your comment, or even know whether or not to take you seriously. I so much want to engage and understand your thought process, because I am beyond perplexed and confused. I am a very linear and literate person, meaning I take everything literally, to extreme, which gets me in trouble a lot because I have no patience for a lot of things. Maybe I take things too seriously….

      1. Alright…..I understand. What I was saying in my odd strange way is people are crazy stupid and easily fall for whacky conspiracy theories such as the ones you mentioned.Pretty much agreeing with your post. Some of them are just too crazy to entertain.

        The good crazy conspiracy theories I like…are Big Foot and Dog Man and Skin Walker ranch ones. Yes….also crazy but fun. No harm.

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