A Confider ( My story )

Who is a Confider?
The one that confide insensibly with anybody without discovering who is sincere and who will backstab with that info.
He not only discloses his confidential information but also discloses the confidentiality of his close people that entrust him or include him in their secrecies.
The one that confide and share his buzz openly or anybody without confirming his buzz will be dealt or will be sincerely kept confidential.
Later on his Idiocy is also warned to his closed ones by supporters.
His presence in every private affair or matter prone risk like A befriended monkey that may harm his master if he tries to guard him with a hammer against wasps. Wasps will fly away and he may hammer the nose of his master.
That means his presence means he will confide to anybody and later one you will be back stabbed because of this idiot Confider.
This Confider only shares factual information without screening which one is sensitive enough to be kept private. He does not hide that info with little bit convincing conversation that is not lie but not a confidential information.
Such sharing is called Confiding………….
Although such people are innocent but do irreversible damage. So Confiders are considered as security risk.

They require consistent training to improve their risky social interactive approach. The mental approach of such people can easily be read by the society and his attributes are more defining as well.

The major confide is from such people and his close ones remain unaware of it.

Well my early age remained with many such a lot of confides I did not possessed sensibility but enough healthy mind. Just being introvert natured much like Gods men I was interpersonally conflicted as mentally Ill or insane person. Although I was confider but not Gabbler that later on I developed into.
Being Introvert was my nature and pondering was my instinct.

Once my elder brother hided a tennis ball and people owning it inquired me. Initially I tried to hide it but they intimated me that to lie is a sin and your brother is has done wrong. You do want to be like him
I confided every thing and hence troubled him, they did not disclosed the confider but they kept on insisting him ‘ we have investigated already from reliable resources you did the steal’
Well Today I speak more lies than truth because they can’t get me disclose any thing and even now I do more gabbling verbally.

I am not disabled but Functional the way it developed…That’s a scientific reply
well The people in daily interaction are more imprinted to me than being described. well Such things are already discussed.
My audibility is effected and hear louder…it happened due to hearing lectures on headphones so that it may make quick sense…as It always took repetition time…speak louder please

There is said when you can’t harm anybody Boycott him and leave him alone at a place where is no technology no civilization no Manners No awareness where you will find barbarians and where nobody will listen to you come to your rescue barbarians will threat you of their tribal supremacy will eat you alive like dogs will bully you and harm you physically torture you mentally disturb you emotionally and make you violent as a result of their violence It is only way to kill or damage a educated and a person that is righteous and perceive in a barbarian forest where people perceive not and those involved in this kind of cold murder it clearly shows level of their malice and intensity of their rivalry …

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      1. Well, that escalated quickly. I’m not saying I don’t occasionally make this mistake, but I’ve learned to keep my mouth closed. I only hurt myself when I share.

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